Worst film thread



No. I want to hear about how bad it is.


we got the trailer for that before blade runner on thursday.

it looks absolutely heinous.





Alien Covenant (we all know my feelings on this.)
Into The Woods (awful)
Project Almanac (laughably awful and seems to go on for AGES)
Paranormal Activity 2 (Never saw the first one, so no idea why I went to the cinema with my mates to see this because it was total crap)

Other stuff, (not counting those awful Asylum/mockbuster films because they’re beyond this realm of awful and somehow become enjoyable):

Blue Valentine (hated this film so much.)
Hostel 1 and 2 (worst genre of films ever.)
Clash of the Titans (Sam Worthington bore fest of boredom.)


Worst film I ever saw at the cinema was Meet the Spartans, which was a Scary Movie style parody film about your Troys and your 300s. Given how bad your Troys and your 300s are you can probably imagine how bad this was.

Can’t remember the last time I watched a terrible film on tv / streaming / dvd. Planning on watching United Passions (the FIFA funded FIFA film) at some point soon tho, anyone seen that?


The Blair Witch Project (1999)

  • Good film
  • Meh dunno undecided safe opinion something something
  • Shit film

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Not seen it


I love it to the point that I half wish Heather had managed to make her documentary in full, I’d watch it.

Anyone want to go camping in the woods this weekend where a famous witch supposedly haunts? I’d actually be well up for that. DiS MEAT!


I remember watching The Last Broadcast and thinking that I liked it more than TBWP


got thrown out of the cinema for Blair Witch for being underage. Like they let us in, and then came and got us and said we were too young…I must have been about 14 or 15? was it an 18?..the indignity of it all. Pretty sure we all just went and got drunk in Richmond Park instead, so technically they endangered our little lives


Sorry :frowning_face:


The Spirit, just offensively awful.



wait - was it you…? I can’t remember :smiley:


I was wondering this actually because it seems like it would be a 15! But I was 14 in 1999 so why didn’t I go see it at the cinema??

Just checked, yep it’s a 15. That’s pretty embarrassing that you got chucked out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For me, the worst would have to be anything I’ve paid money to see at cinema, as once I’m there, I’m not leaving (unless thrown out). So probably Thomas and the Magic Railroad with my nephew as Thomas the Tank freaks me out and is shite…Also, that magician film with the guy from the social network…fucking awful


That magician film is so unbearably smug.


I was probably with my pal who looked about 12 years old until he was about 25…that’ll be it, I looked about 40


I’m really confused now. Are there two Blair Witch Projects??


Haha, I wouldn’t have got in either. I tried to go see The Faculty with my friends for my birthday and we got turned away, ended up going to see The Waterboy instead, wish we’d just gone to the park. (I was never cool enough to go hang out and get drunk in parks)


There was a recent remake