Worst film thread



Have seen it. It’s an absolute stinker.


Oh, ok. I had to watch the original as part of my Gothic module at uni, and it was boring shite.


started watching it the other week. it’s more a belated sequel than a remake as it involves the kid sister of someone from the original (or something like that).
realised I could not be fucked after 10 mins.


Kill List

Such a pointless pile of shit.


There’s The Blair Witch Project (1999) -

and then there was the sequel to it called Blair Witch that came out the other year.

AND THEN, there was the original sequel to the first film -

I actually think it’s the better sequel and that’s realllllly saying something.

EDIT: I knew eric would answer this better and quicker than me. Haha!!


You really never give up do you sadders?


Blair witch 2 was so shite :joy:


I’m doing a public service - people need to know how shit that film is. It’s really very shit.


Haha!!! It was SOOOO bad.


thank you


You were once known as elthamsdateowen


Just realised.

It’s an anagram of B-Liar witch project #makeuthink



That fucking guy


Think I posted this on a previous thread, but I maintain Man Of Steel is by far the worst film I’ve ever seen at the cinema (including Star Wars Episode I). For a Superman film it was just really boring and a real let-down after the Nolan Batman films. Also got really sick of thinking General Zod had been killed only to see him come back to life with the film then dragging on for another half-hour.


Don’t know if this link works, but I’m enjoying this trailer trying hard to sell the DVD and all it’s amazing special features. I really want to listen to the commentary from the director and composer :joy:


i am ashamed to say i’ve probably seen every extra on that disc not including commentaries. i found all the hidden symbols and watched bits backwards :expressionless: they called the reverse stuff ‘the secret of esrever’ :sob: :skull_and_crossbones:


:smiley: :rofl: :smiley: :rofl:

This has made me fall head over heels :heart_eyes:


i was a 15 year old horror dweeb :disappointed:


Only film I have ever walked out of was The Spirit - Frank Miller should have stuck to what he’s good at (holding extremely problematic views and writing some decent comics thirty years ago).