Worst film thread



The Blair Witch Project
Blair Witch 2: Cruise Control


Ooh that should be in the “worst films I’ve never seen” for me. I’m a big fan of the original Will Eisner stuff - and this sounds MASSIVELY offensive.


Former flatmate picked this out on Netflix to watch one day

It’s absolutely unbearably vile. The two main characters go around acting like sexual predators the whole film and everything works out for them in the end. Just baffling how it got made or who it’s aimed at


Charlie’s Angels 2.

Like one long shit pop video. The story, from what I recall, didn’t even make sense.


we tried watching the first one recently and barely lasted 5 minutes. so, so shit. i dread to think how much worse the second one is. (though i’d seen it years ago but i must have repressed the memory)


There was so much collateral damage in that film. That whole city was completely destroyed, thanks to Superman


Saw Steven Segal’s On Deadly Ground at the cinema. Possibly never laughed more at a film, so I think there’s a reasonably strong argument for it being both great and one of the worst films ever released.


At the cinema, ‘Hourglass.’ I was in Singapore and it was too hot to do anything else. The poster claimed Keiffer (?) Sutherland was in it. Yeah, for about 3 minutes. Dire dross.
At home ‘Inherent Vice.’ I just couldn’t be arsed to finish it, which is rare for me. Hated everything about it.
Biggest let down was Battle Royale 2 because Battle Royale is mint.


Isn’t that the set-up for Batman vs Superman with everyone turning against him? Can’t be bothered watching it to find out.


Christ I despise Blue Valentine.


I’m actually pretty keen to watch United Passions. Genuinely fascinated by the prospect of it.


Has anyone mentioned Donnie Darko yet, because it’s Donnie Darko


'What does it take to change the essence of a man…?!'
Absolute glorious shite that film :grinning:


seen lots of garbage in my time but the acclaimed film ive been most baffled by is probably Tropic Thunder
like even as an idiot 15 year old i knew it was shit and unpleasant


People need to stop implying that 300 was shit. It was hilarious.


paid to see the last kiss at the cinema when i was a kid. also funny people; acting was ok, but nothing really happened, and it seemed to last about 6 1/2 hours.


remember me and my atd bursting into fits of laughter at the bit where the persian guy is up in the tower with the weird monk guys bribing them and the screen fades to black with the glow in the dark evil eyes.


that bit where head over heels plays is good


So many garbage films it’s great.

American Sniper
American Honey
The Football Factory
Matrix Reloaded
Predator 2


clever putting a good film in amongst all those shit ones to see who bites. not me though, pal!