Worst film thread



clever putting a good film in amongst all those shit ones to see who bites. not me though, pal!


why can nobody resist sniping in these threads? you all have the exact same taste anyway


I think it looks really entertaining.


Full English Breakfast.


Erm, how is that sniping? I said a film was good.


Sniper boy


eric i was talking about that other guy
unless you were joking. never seen that film


Waking Life. Richard Linklater’s good when he actually gives his characters, well, character, but jesus if it’s not tedious “13 year old getting stoned for the first time”-level philosophy the rest of the time.


Alright, Avril Lavigne


I’m very confused


Good shout. It’s the film that Mrs CCB cites when she talks about all the crap arthouse I used to make her sit through. The bit where it’s a dream within a dream… fuck off. Visually impressive though.


Walked out of my living room during You Me and Dupree.
Would have walked out of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, only I was on a plane. Sorely tempted though.
Watched half an hour of White Chicks on the recommendation of a friend. He moved 200 miles away shortly afterwards, probably for the best.
Indiana Jones and the Crystal Alien Fucksake at the cinema was grossly disappointing. Don’t get to go much any more though, so not that much competition, it might not have been so bad.


Am eric, an sniper!


A Scanner Darkly is a better effort of his with that visual style, mostly because he’s constrained by the original having characters and a plot.


just imagine i did a really great post


nice work, shrewbs


Waking Life was my favourite film when I was 16. Haven’t watched it since then. Probably best not to?


Childhood of a Leader. Was absolutely cursing the Film Discussion thread during this, damn you all, damn you all to hell.


Don’t know what to tell you, eltham, maybe it just wasn’t for me. Try it and find out! You’ll always remember how much you loved it, even if you’re not as fond of it now :slight_smile:


don’t see how it’s even possible to hate it. the ending was rubbers but rest of it was deece.