Worst film thread



Just found it really annoying and pointless. It’s a bit like watching Hook if Hook was called Peter Pan is Grown Up Now, it;s like, yeah, thanks.


one of the best films I’ve seen in the last couple of years, easily. Loved that film. I know that it’s problematic in its treatment of art (and lots besides) but it gripped me and stayed in the memory far more than almost anything else I’ve seen recently (Including La La Land which is far nicer but not a patch on Whiplash).


I remember really not liking Archipelago.


“I mean, in the last 18 months, for example, I’ve only seen two films. I’ve seen Archipelago, which is an art film about middle class people on a disappointing holiday. And I’ve seen a 70-minute cartoon called Scooby Doo and the Pirate Zombie Jungle Island a hundred and eighty times”


Who said that?


stewart lee. it’s a bit from one of his shows.


Oh haha. I’ve not seen that but I can confirm it’s what he said it is.


I thought it was great too. It was crazily intense - you really get caught up in the rhythm of it. And let’s be real - lots of artists are egomaniacs and care more for their creations than the people around them. It’s what makes them effective, and interesting!


Sounds good tbh! Added to my rental list


It’s good! One of those films that refreshes your sense of wonder, but of course you’ll find it pretty pretentious if you don’t need such things.


Didn’t realise there WAS a Battle Royale 2! Though with hindsight I’m not remotely surprised. Might check it out (it’ll be shit, obv).


I think the director of the first started it then died at some point through production so his son finished it?


I hated Inside Llewyn Davis so much I felt like crying
might have been my hormones though


Cinema: Frank. I really, really hated that film. Tone deaf wacky twee shit.

All films: Dune. Absolutely without merit.


Oh man I’m with you on Dune. Ghastly.

I remember watching the first 10 minutes of Brassed Off at least five times for some A Level project, and never got past that. Cba


@Ruffers isn’t here so I’ll have to submit his answer myself.

All of them.


This has 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, despite being abhorrent in every conceivable way.

Can’t believe how many decent people were hoodwinked by this howler as well. The whole thing with Tom Cruise is embarrassingly cynical.


I really hated this film despite absolutely loving the Coens AND Oscar Isaac. Weird.


Saw her other one about the two artists moving house, which is so boring it’s actually quite extraordinary.


Fucking hated La La Land, for a start