Worst film thread



Disagree on Predator 2, good film that.


Remember there being an extended section where he goes off on a bus somewhere and meets John Goodman and it gets steadily more gloomy and boring. None of it looked particularly authentic either, everyone looked like they were in Mumford & Sons.


Oooo I’ve thought of one I really hate, Southern Comfort! Anyone seen that turkey? Some kind of shite sub-Deliverance nonsense filmed on a budget. Keith Carradine and a bunch of army boys get lost in a swamp and get stalked by a bunch of Cajun people. Every scene looks the same because they obviously just filmed it all within half a square mile. There’s also a gross and unnecessary scene where a couple of pigs (not police) get gutted on cam and their entrails flop out everywhere.




Anyone said glengarry glenn ross yet?


A few really good films in this thread


The actual answer is the coca cola kid, btw. Boxing helena #2.




i do not believe you


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again


Oh my god this film is balls, unbearably torpid balls, utter dross.


…they made an Assassin’s Creed movie?

…and you went to see it?


Never watch zach braff.


Is that a mnemonic for something?


in slightly mitigating circumstances; we’d just been refused entry to a gig for being under 16, needed something else to do, and there was nothing good at all. general thinking was that if it was a bit like scrubs at least there’d be a couple of easy laughs. there were not.


It’s undoubtedly ‘The Tree of Life’. Unintentionally funny because you know people are lapping up puddle deep messages about mercy cause a terrible CGI dinosaur didn’t eat another terrible CGI dinosaur. Shite with dreamy soft focused nostalgia about nothing with added meaningful whispers. Shite for shits.


Incredible shout, I think I’d erased this from my memory. Such a boring, nothing of a film. Could barely hear any of the “dialogue” and no acting at all from anyone. Looking back, Fassbender has done some proper bumhat stuff recently.


It’s probably not because apparently the two he’s done since are even worse. Can someone (@ericthefourth) watch them both and report back?


Also, Film Socialisme. Not sure I made it more than 10 minutes through that, utter dross.


I actually have knight of cups from my rental thing! I will watch and report back. The fuck am I watching to the wonder or the new one with all the indie twats in though.