Worst film you have seen in the Cinema

Wonder Park

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Six Days, Seven Nights

I haven’t seen it but unless you haven’t been to the cinema very much that can’t be right.


Personal Shopper, It: Chapter 2, American Honey, Truth or Dare, The Snowman, The Kitchen and The Festival are all recipients of 0.5 stars on my Letterboxd and I saw all of them at the cinema.


(I have not heard of several of those)

I’m going with Personal Shopper in that case I think.

Batman (Tim Burton version)
Boring AF

Scores 80% on RT!

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Fight Club

That is genuinely astonishing to me

The Holiday or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I find people’s hatred of Personal Shopper and American Honey quite funny, I’m sorry to say


It looks like the kind of film I would enjoy catching 30 minutes of on some shit channel after a bit of a smoke and my wife has fallen asleep.

The Mummy Returns.

Honourable mention for Somewhere, the Sofia Coppola film.

I went directly into the screening from watching the (very charming) recent Winnie the Pooh film. The contrast couldn’t have been starker.

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Scores of 81 and 80.

Maybe Ant just hates films that have not quite fulfilled their 100% potential.



Utter garbage.

American Honey I can at least see an argument for from people who love it (even though I disagree with them)

I have literally no idea what anyone could get out of Personal Shopper.

Sherlock Holmes 2: game of shadows


Blair Witch 2