Worst film you have seen in the Cinema

tbh if a film looks really bad I probably won’t waste my money on going to the cinema.

Far & away while being quite a flawed film is still quite entertaining I think.

Seen far, far worse films than jurassic world fwiw. It’s just the worst I’ve seen at the cinema as an adult

Hope Springs (the Minnie Driver/Colin Firth one)

First year of university, a bunch of people were going to the cinema, asked if I wanted to come. I asked what they were going to see, they said they didn’t know, just whatever was on. Never done that before, never done it since.

Haha i’ve just remembered the posh pilots; absolute scenes in the Odeon in Manchester when that happened. I liked it though; i saw it twice opening weekend.



Crimson Tide
Nothing of note or interest happens on a submarine. 2 men have different but equally boring opinions. Everything is basically fine.

world war z

haha, zama was great


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It’s got to be The Golden Compass in 2007.

Me and my family are all huge fans of the books. We all saw it. We all hated it. Everything about the film was like the book, but completely bloodless.

I especially remember how the film ended with a cuddly “And I knew everything would be alright” ending, which is the complete opposite of the book. Bilge.


Being fair to Waterworld is admitting that at best it’s simply a disappointing Mad Max remake. Is it as bad as the contemporary reviews said? No, but it’s still not in any real scale a ‘great’ film. I think what really drags it down is Costner who is once more the overly-serious actor in a film that was ludicrous (see Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves) but here none of the other parts really work. I reckon someone saw how Rickman completely saved Prince of Thieves with his performance and they tried to get Hopper to do the same thing but it doesn’t happen.

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Having now watched The Philosopher’s Stone a number of times with enthusiastic kids it’s grown on me. Help.

Recall a guy I was at Uni with defended those fucking ID4 posh RAF pilots. Turned out he’d been in the RAF cadets down in Somerset where he was from and he said they really were all exactly like that!

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We used to have Waterworld on video as a kid so I’ve seen it more times than most. I think it’s generally underrated, the design is great and some of the set pieces are incredible. It’s a bit long and ponderous on the whole though, the romance plot and the annoying kid stuff is boring as heck.

  • postman
  • waterworld

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Postman - one of the most underrated Films in history.

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Grown Ups 2 - appalling bad film, I wanted to leave after about 15 mins, my girlfriend at the time didn’t so I had to sit through the whole movie.

I guess a lot of it will go over your head if you haven’t seen Grown Ups 1…


Yeah, I guess I missed out on the subtle references made back to the first one :smile: