Worst five cities/places you’ve been to

  1. Hatfield. Might have changed, but I went there fairly regularly in 2008 and 2009. Properly grim
  2. Basingstoke
  3. Bratislava. Had a great time there, but the city itself was a disappointment. Very little to do apart from drink and eat dumplings, which aint a bad thing, but 3 days was enough.
  4. Boulogne
  5. Pisa
  1. London
  2. Glasgow
  3. Manchester
  4. Brighton
  5. I dunno, Bristol?

I’ve been to the trafford centre and visited old trafford in Manchester, which were both awful, but I’ve been told that these sights aren’t very indicative of the city?

I can’t rank them, but another vote for Basingstoke, certainly.
LA is horrible, it’s just full of glaring inequality.
Athens is crap, don’t bother.
Other than that, I’ll just end up punching down on places like Kidderminster or bits of the South Wales Valleys, which doesn’t really seem fair, though Bridgend should definitely be highlighted.

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  1. Blackpool. It is a skidmark on the landscape of this already deeply embarrassing country.

  2. Airdrie. And I grew up there.

  3. Stevenage. “but the old town’s nice!” No, it just seems nice because the rest of the town is a concrete hellscape.

  4. Niagra Falls. Hey, let’s build Blackpool next to a breathtaking landmark!

  5. Split. Full of cruise wankers and the charm of it being built into the old city walls disappears when you realise it’s just tourist trap nonsense. (It’s not that bad, I ran out of steam)

I dunno mate, I’ve never been.

Oh hang on, Milan is much worse than Split.

St Neots

I would’ve had Athens in my top 5 possibly


Came in to see if anyone said Wakefield, didn’t realise it’d be so early :frowning:

  • Newport - tbh all I can remember is a grim car park that smelled of piss but I don’t think the experience improved after that
  • San Miguel de Tucumán - lived there for three months with my aunt and it was crap on all counts
  • Foz do Iguacu - didn’t spend much time there but I have no intention of going back
  • Alesund - probably saw its bad side on a bad day because Norway is great
  • Milton Keynes

Leicester City
Manchester City
Stoke City
Swansea City
Tottenham City


I didn’t hate Vegas but I was a bit like “is this it?”. I really don’t see the appeal of it. I’m so lucky we only had 24 hours there as I’d have deeply regretted wasting like 3+ nights there.

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Wakefield’s improved a lot in the past few years though, the first time I went it felt miserable (arriving into Kirkgate station before they cleaned it up probably had something to do with that) but it’s alright these days

All sites at my old job;

also, San Sebastian was shit when I went, we only spent the evening and it was pissing it down.

ooft, you poor, poor soul.

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f’in ell. Hatfield. Bought a copy of FFVI for PSone there in 2002 at the Galleria. Then I remember having chicken nuggets, chips and beans at a cafe but it took like an hour to turn up.

Weird memories. Why I remember this so vividly I dunno.

Tbf I haven’t been in over 15 years.