Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


I’ve got a soft spot for skeggy. If you go out of season it’s quite nice to walk on the muddy beach and stare at the huge, weirdly menacing wind farm on the horizon.


I forgot you were a UTI’er! Good mini golf but that’s as far as I’d go.


It ranks far down the list of East coast seaside shitholes.

E.g. great Yarmouth. THAT’s bad.


When I was a student in Hull there used to be a tramp who would just sit around drinking and singing. Once saw him sat in a bass drum singing his heart out. Wonder if it was the same man.


I second Stevenage.




Luton is pretty Labour, mate.


It spends the rest of the year waiting for the festival though which isn’t any better


Worst places?

Hmm. Probably one of those villages where you can’t get there without a car and there’s no shops and the pub is shit.


Like Woldingham?


Not sure about that one but Branscombe was pretty much like this apart from some lovely walks nearby and having two pubs, one of which was ‘okay’.


I don’t think Woldingham even has a pub.


Sounds like hell on earth.

Can’t be doing with these people who think any city is bad. It’s still a city: it has shops and stuff to do. Just blot out the grim realities.


Pyongyang - as sad as you’d imagine
Guatemala City - dodgy AF
Tegucigalpa - dodgy AF
Manchester - a big nothing of a place


I really liked Genoa (for the 8 hours I was there)


Taunton - Bleak. Only time I’ve ever seen someone smoking heroin was under a bridge here whilst out on a bike ride.

Liverpool - Only ever been here for football at Goodison and Anfield so probably not the best way to visit. That bit round Anfield with all the derelict houses is so depressing. Always seem to end up in the Lutine Bell with Scousers wanting you to tell them how amazing their ground is.

Riga - Stag central. Horrible.

Pitsea, Essex - lots to choose from in Essex, but Pitsea is probably the worst I’ve visited.

Wroclaw - the most boring place I’ve ever been to, and had to kill 2 days here for a wedding


Ooh. I bought a guitar amp from a guy in Toxteth once. A high proportion of the houses were boarded up, and I saw two (attempted?) break-ins in the short time I was there.


Well the bit round Anfield is where all the compulsory purchase stuff is going on, so there are rows and rows of empty houses. Never been to Toxteth.


Does it? Its got a huge working class community and was actually an important provance in resisting facist rule. It still has a strong ANPI community. It’s a left leaning bellwether provance.

An argument over whether to reinstate some statues is hardly the same as it being neo Nazi.


For balance I know someone who has lived on Brescia for 20 years and absolutely loves it.