Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Last time I went to Merthyr the vacuum factory was on fire


that sucks


Hoovered up any opportunities for sure



Just close them all down.


I was also baffled by this. Great place all round.


Don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere really terrible. Even places that might look ropey at first usually have some redeeming features and good people.


I would totally agree… apart from Whitley Bay.


shitehole all round, full of tourists EDIT: sorry I thought you were replying to my Edinburgh jibe


Top Crudholes, Southern Hampshire Edition:

Hedge End
West End
Chandlers Ford
Fareham (inc. Whiteley)

Can’t believe I forgot these, could happily replace my whole list up there with this selection of bland horror.


And yet, no mention of Paulsgrove or Cosham (a little further easterly, granted).


Lots of pretty horrible UK places.

Elsewhere, Turin is the only place that springs to mind. Quite pretty surroundings - the drive over the French border is one of the best things I’ve ever done - but the city itself felt very nothingy? Might be unfair as I was only there for two weekdays. Nothing

Had mixed experiences with Paris. Lots of absolutely grim sights. One of the only places I’ve felt a bit on-edge


Never go to Milan out of ‘season’


Had my hotel room broken into and robbed in Guatemala city. Felt a begrudging respect for the thief though cos they took our passports out of a travel wallet and left them on the bed. Would have been a nightmare to sort that out.


I meant the current Liga Nord types and this type of stuff nearby:


Turin was a welcome respite from the horrors of Milan for me.

Plus the shroud museum is hilarious.


LOL, no.


Yeah but thats Lombardy for you, particularity in the countryside, and La Liga Nord is a bit more complicated then just a neo-facist group as it is very much tied to northern nationalism and independence it has a broad coaltion of supporters, often with differing views. (and it has never been advertised as a neo facist party or even particularly right wing taking populist ideas across the political spectrum. But I would agree that it is a bit neo-facist) and is popular in the entire region and especially Venato.

Its just that Brescia is actually one of the more left leaning cities in the region. For sure it will have active neo-facist sect as every city of a smiler size in the north east of italy has. But it also has a lively antifa movement and has been regularly electing centre left mayors and politicians while Milan was still throughly in the hands of the PdL.


When did you go to Milan? I’ve heard it used to be proper shit but has had a real improvement in the last few years - I have gone a lot with work for the last 2 years and it’s always been pretty nice and cool - Just not as picturesque as other Italian cities.


Basically anywhere in Spain that is full of British people

(Also I go to LA all the time and it’s amazing but I can totally understand how if you went as a full tourist it would seem massively shit)


For my 19th birthday, so I would prefer to not answer that question please and thank you.