Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Fucking hell :smiley:

Pretty sure most places were a lot shitter back in the 70’s than they are now!





I had heard that from a musician friend who is from the French/Italian border who is very involved in activism/antifa stuff and often plays gigs round there. He’s had a few run-ins round Brescia. It makes sense though that they might be even rougher if there’s an active local resistance.


Well it is in the area of italy where fascism is most alive for sure. In the 70s a antifa protest was bombed by a neo-facist group in italy. So I’m sure tensions are pretty high between the groups there. But having family in italy its the older communities that have some very reactive views that worry me.

I cant actually comment on the city because I have yet to visit. Brescians have a reputation for being a bit strange, reckless and eccentric.


I was somewhat taken aback that the Vittoriale is often presented as just an eccentric historic house in tour books without really explaining who the resident was.


Ok as most of you have been to a limited amount of places in italy and seem to say any Italian city that doesn’t confirm to what someone wants as a tourist that cant speak the language I will list some actually awful italian cities.

Firstly a few controversial ones that dont quite make the cut:

Milan: . Apart from the facist architecture its pretty boring saved by good coffee and bars but thats all it has going for it really. Very vain city as well.The traffic is terrible, the weather is terrible. Has one of the highest crime rate in italy. Particularly with theft and sexual assault.

Turin: I love Turin but it has to be the dullest city with over 1 million citizens. Cheapish rent, lots of jobs, and decent quality of life doesnt make it a bad place if you are married and dont want to do much. Its pretty enough and filled with amazing Ice Cream and hot chocolate as well as its fantastic market. But for someone in their mid 20s its dead. Which is why young people are leaving the city at a very high rate.

Actually shit Italian cities:

Frosinone: Basically just a city with italys major motorway going through it. Bombed to death during the war so is largely desperate badly designed apartments. Its the grayest city in italy. With very little green areas and highest level of air pollution. Despite it being economically strong it is constantly rated among the worst for quality of life in the country… like why would anyone bother visiting? Just miserable.

Taranto: One of my friends is from Taranto and he only has bad things to say. A big industrial naval base. 90% of all industrial toxic emissions in italy come from the city. The historic centre is nicknamed the Ghost Town because of the number of abandond building there.

Caltanissetta and other high up Sicilian cities: High rate of poverty very isolated in the winter and big mafia influence. That said they are at incredibly pretty locations so hard to be too mean to them. Syracuse as well poverty and mafia are abound (25% are unemployed ffs). But again its pretty right?

There also so many really dull cities in north italy. Pavia, Novi Ligure, Alessandria etc. None of these are bad cities just really boring and built around white collar work.

Ventimiglia has a really bad reputation but I quite enjoyed it. Part of me suspects that racism is the reason why its got it reputation…


I had to spend a week in Legnago, VR for work. There was only one operational restaurant in town.


Not sure why Paris keeps popping up on these lists, there’s it’s largely beautiful and arguably architecturally more interesting than London.


it’s fucking dirty, shit and given undue praise, that’s why.

Lots of amazing things there, but as a city is massively overrated.


its alright if you’re rich I guess. Plus its better than Barnsley … probably :joy:


I think its a case of reputation. Its a great city but not in the way its presented. So you go there for a romantic trip and find that its closer to London then to Venice.


Pretty surprised at all the hate for Milan here. Only spent a few days there, but I thought it was a fun city with a nice cosmopolitan vibe, great museums and one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen in Europe. Also not a huge amount of tourists even in the middle of summer, which is always a plus.

It did seem a little gritty around the outskirts, but that’s not necessarily always a negative.


seems like those reviews came from people who haven’t been for 20+ years though, I did here it had a pretty horrible slump period.


I enjoyed my time in Milan too



I’m heartened by the fact that lots of you hate Paris. I can’t fucking stand the place, but people always look at me like i’m completely insane whenever I bring it up.


I quite liked Milan. Was having a kickabout on a field and 4 Italian lads came over and challenged us to a game of 4 on 4. We were 1 chap short so they lent us one of their guys and the only English he could say was ‘I, Paul Scholes’.


Ive had some great experiences in Milan. Drank beer and made friends with strangers in italy its got a reputation for being unwelcoming and pompous but thats never been my experience with the place.

But the weather is crap.One of the wettest parts of italy and the summers are sticky and not in a good way. Its also really just a series of roads It has some nice architecture but also some terrible skyscrapers. Among the worst in italy. As a city it isnt that classic Italian pretty city but nor does it do fun that well compared to europes big cities. Its good for a quick lunch and drink… but its a city built around work and not that exciting.

Oh yeah the San Siro is amazing


the canal smelled like garbage. i was there innnnn 2008.