Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


I remember the Duomo was plastered with scaffolding which took away some of the magic.

I think this is what made the trip so rose-tinted for me. I saw AC vs Lazio; Crespo scored early on, Di Canio levelled it with a pen and then Shevchenko came off the bench and scored an unbelievable free kick in the last few minutes of the game.


@citysickness I did visit Milan 14 years ago so admit a lot may have changed. My reasons for disliking it were:

  • repeatedly (like 20 times) approached and flashed by random men
  • people were very shovey and rude, a bit like London
  • we were backpackers and couldn’t find basic things like supermarkets anywhere
  • lots of stuff was closed when we were there

So it’s completely reasonable that someone visiting now with a bit of money might experience none of these problems and think it was great.

@mroc with regards to Brescia, I saw no more than 100m from the train station. I was staying there overnight on a Sunday before getting an early flight. My friend and I, both pale young females who definitely did not look local arrived at the train station and were immediately accosted by dozens of men all hanging around the square outside the station. Not so much in a negative way, more ‘let me take you home to meet my mum’ but it’s really hard to gauge in a foreign country when multiple men are invading your personal space. Spent 10 minutes trying to work out where to go and eventually settled in the nearest guesthouse, complete with used needles in the doorway. Didn’t eat that night because we simply didn’t feel safe leaving. Again it’s quite possible that the rest of the town is lovely, and a man may have had a very different experience, but you have to judge on what you see yourself.


9 years!


but how was legnano?


I’m not sure what is more overrated, Milan the city or the San Siro stadium. It was probably my least favorite of cities when I was backpacking but was looking forward to seeing the San Siro stadium tour as it always just looked amazing on TV from my childhood. Reality is that was was a very outdated crumbling mess with the added concrete and random girders holding the whole thing together.


Nah the concrete is great. The fact that you are never inside and its a dark intimidating brutalist building is kinda what makes it. Far better then the super clean state of the art stadiums.


Fewer cabbage fields compared to Legnago from my brief view of the place.


Also one of the steepest stadiums about. Makes a big difference to match day atmosphere.


I’m a big fan of brutalist buildings and love proper old school stadiums but I always had this in my mind as the dawn of the modern ear of super stadiums, it was certainly advertised as that during Italia 90 so was looking forward to seeing this architectural masterpiece. Just disappointed that it seemed no money had been spent on it since then to keep it in a decent condition.


Also just remembered that I had to fly back from Brescia from Legnago, Verona, as that was the closest budget flight the office could find to Legnano, Lombardia.

To get there I had to get this 4am farm train that kept stopping in the middle of nowhere to load cabbages. The ticket machine in Legnago didn’t take cards, and turned out to print a credit slip for change from €50 instead of dispensing change, which I then had to queue up to redeem at Brescia station, causing me to have to run to check in when I got to the airport.

Verona is about 45 mins away from Legnago.


I think thats reflective of the sorry state of Italian football. As well as it being council owned. It is true that very little investment has gone into it since the 1990s. But its an old stadium. The third tier, which is basically cell where they keep the away fans, was added in 1990 but most of the ground is much older then that.


heh, whole trip sounds like one of those where everything conspires against you


Also, the liaison teacher at the Italian school invited us out for dinner. This happens quite often and usually means you go to a favourite local place and get great food.

This time we somehow ended up at the canteen of her husband’s workplace on a commercial estate about 15 mins drive away. The food was terrible.


Why has everyone on this website visited Italy so extensively? There are other countries you know.


Name one. I bet you can’t.


See? Knew you couldn’t.


Don’t think I’ve ever been to a place on holiday that I haven’t enjoyed. I’m reasonably easily pleased mind.


haha, wtf. imagining loads of confused suits looking on between mouthfuls as a bunch of even more confused foreigners sheepishly grab a tray and ask for the slop of the day


It’s close, got lots of varied geography and cities, and has ace food.


Have a very mixed view of Milan. Went last year, and it just felt like a pretty nothing-y place. Stayed in an AirBnB in the south of the centre in what was meant to be the design district, which I quite liked - some nice cafes and little restaurants. The beer scene was also pretty good, which I liked. But the centre was dull, the Duomo is horrific (and covered in advertising hoardings), and loads of places had weird hours and were perpetually shut.

Have to go back next month but we’ll be out pretty quick to go to Como.