Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


My wife’s gran lived in Paulsgrove and her sister lives in Cosham! Her parents are in Cowplain, which is not so much bad as beige. I love our trips to the in-laws.


I lived in Portchester for the first 13 years (nearly) of my life. Have fond memories, but going back a few years ago and staying in Cosham was a bit of a reality check!


Yeah, Cosham is definitely on THE LIST. Do you remember what the shopping centre in Fareham used to be like, with the beige and red floor tiles? It’s still a popular setting for my nightmares!


The Vatican? San Marino?


Not sure about the mentions of poverty in a lot of these responses


Oh, bad luck. The answer was Spain.


quite snobby this thread really


Yeah. It’s all a bit ‘dodgy pubs’ for me.


I think with Luton, the impression that I get has been clouded by this guy.


Camped in Wisbech three years ago when a friend’s band were producing their album! Despite the fact to walk into town you have to go straight past the dog food factory and its smell, it didn’t seem too bad.

Though there’s a deeply unsettling vibe about that part of East Anglia - the straight flat roads and endless turnip fields remind me of General Zod’s introduction in Superman II


I tend to avoid anywhere described as a mafia capital. So Naples, Palermo, Moscow, Belgrade, etc.

Thought Prague was shit when I went. A bridge and a load of pubs full of English lad pissheads. Awful atmosphere.


Although Palermo looks amazing tbf.


I have found it’s impossible to buy a non-double battered sausage supper. Even what’s called a “battered sausage single” is actually just two battered sausages.


annoying when people broadly assume Norfolk is all like that but then I go there and go “well fair enough”


This pub there has got me feeling all Emily Thornberry :joy:


Lincolnshire has a great arts scene. Especially Cubism.


would be a great band name


Norwich is nice having lived there for a bit. Its getting a little too trendy now. But a very nice green city with loads or cracking pubs and lovely kept churches. Worked in Ipswich and man I hated that place. Just really boring.


Was going to make a “Things To Do In Ipswich When You’re Dead” joke but that film is already in the pipeline thanks to Ed Sheeran


I know, I grew up there and visited at the weekend. Though I agree with you to some extent, Norwich will never be trendy to me