Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Hang on, is a double battered sausage a sausage that’s been battered twice or two sausages stuck side by side and battered one time?


It’s just two battered sausages mate


Well I’m quite disappointed now but at least I didn’t need to wait till morning to find out

Also how can a single battered sausage end up still being 2 battered sausages?




(Single means no chips)


So if you wanted chips and a battered sausage, you’d ask for double battered sausage? And you’d get two battered sausages (not stuck together) and chips?


I’m not doing this with you at 2am meowington. Go back and read the posts again. Good night x


We’ll figure this out in the morning. Night!



You’d ask for a sausage supper, don’t really know what this “double” business is


Also, as an addendum to my “Yorkshire Dales/Ribble Valley quaint Ye Olde English villages aren’t all they’re cracked up to be”, I do have suspicion, say, about how the good folk of Bolton-by-Bowland (where my mum lives) would react if a black or Asian (especially Muslim) family moved into the village. They seemed fine - and friendly - with the gay couple who ran the pub for several years, but one or two conversations I’ve had with locals hint at the dogwhistling that led to UKIP and the murkier parts of Brexit, and prejudices when they’re wrapped up in Middle England “respectability” strike a lot more fear into me than most, especially in the last five years or so.


Scunthorpe. My home town, and it was never a great place, but it’s been declining and it’s now just depressing. Walking through the centre is awful. As a teenager, all we did is drink and watch music, so there were enough pubs/venues for that.

Bracknell. I live there, despite vowing to not 20 years ago when I moved here for work. My GF found a house near the centre with a great garden and near some woods. So the house and proximity to the station are fine, but the town generally awful. Not been out for food/socially here for 15 years? Just go into Reading or Wokingham. (Apart from quick beers after work with people).

Luton/Dunstable whatever. My family are all from here, so went loads when I was younger and often go over for events. And it is depressing every time I go.

I think Swindon gets a lot of stick. It’s grim in parts, but New Town is fine, and there are much worse places. Possibly my view is skwewed by the places above which all inform my outlook. I’ve lived in Swindon for a year and stayed there for work for 8 months and found it OK.


So you mean it’s less of a filthy stinking overcrowded hell-hole than you might imagine?


there are so many really grim, walking dead towns and cities in england aren’t there. you walk around the centres and they’re all the same - shuttered shops, poundland selling knock off barbies and duracells and wrapping paper, a greggs, a pub full of old men, shuttered shops, a jd sports, a greggs, a works, a couple of 2/3 empty shopping centres that were built in the 70s, another greggs.


fuck off m9


In the words of John Ruskin: “utterly vile”, “gross degradation”, “detestable”, “steals from every style in the world: and every style spoiled”.



I’m glad he’s dead


Chill out, he’s not exactly Sue Barker.


Sue Barker on King’s College Chapel: ‘ha ha ha! ha ha ha! Oh dear. COME ON TIM!’