Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Luton- there used to be ads on the 321 promoting “Watford’s fantastic shopping arcades, St Albans’ magnificent history and Luton’s large Arndale centre”, which suggests even PR men can’t think of anything good to say about the place.

Eindhoven- nice concert hall, but otherwise intensely boring. Everyone there looks like they post on 4Chan. At least it’s near Den Bosch.

Los Angeles- grim. We drove there after Coachella one year, and you can literally see the cloud of smog suspended about it. Hollywood is basically Camden Market with sunshine. Did enjoy the sketchy all-night pizza parlour that had a surprisingly comprehensive selection of British ales though.

Alvaston- stayed overnight on work business in a hotel used by truckers and their…nocturnal companions. As a result, the place stank of cheap air freshener and fuckjuice.

Slough- Spent 2 weeks at a training course there. Bleak.

Quite liked Milan, though I was visiting a friend who’d lived there most of his life and therefore knew the decent places to go.




Aberdeen - its just shite, even when the suns shining its deprsssing
Brisbane - shite with nothing to do
Surfers paradise - Brisbane but worse
Bundaberg - surfers paradise but worse
Saltburn - englands answer to Aberdeen


Very pleased to see Surfers Paradise featuring several times in this thread. To know it, is to hate it…


And how do you order the deep fried mars bar?


Just don’t ask for the double double decker



well, you’d immediately outed as a tourist as it’s mostly a myth, but just as it sounds if you see it advertised in the very few places that actually do it


my brother lives there. it’s not amazing but i’ve been to much worse places!

went to Carrickfergus recently, saw the nice castle and stuff but was kinda surprised at just how shit the rest of the town appears to be.


Dont go to Venice in the summer. It’s pretty chill in winter and much less stinky


Reactionary movements are often blamed on the lower class but they are almost always overwhelming popular from the (often rural) middle class. Both historically and well in Trump’s case low educated middle class property owners were his core demographic.


Yeah, it was really the sheer volume of people that ruined it (of which I was one, obv).

LOVED some of the smaller islands of the lagoon though: burano and torcelli especially.




I used to think it was a made-up place that only existed on Neighbours, Home and Away and Heartbreak High


Alright, Jacqui Abbott



You can “get” DiS if you really want
You can “get” DiS if you really want
But you must TRY, TRY, TRY, TRY
To discuss whether High Violet is a tool of mansplaining neo-liberal apologism for the 1960 War on Whether It’s Called A Roll, A Bap, A Barm or Teacake


We were somewhere around Bodmin near the edge of the desert where


I’m really good at seeing the positives in places so i can’t think of anywhere that i’ve thought was a ‘bad place’




you have really bad taste in cities and should just stop going on holiday and give the money to people who might like it instead