Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


That’s the 5th time someone’s mentioned Paris.

I LOVE Paris! Weird ennit.


my glaswegian friend who’s lived in Leipzig for a while is unfortunate enough to have the accent :wink:


Whenever central casting in Germany needs a stereotypical thick over-officious cop/prison guard character, they cast someone with that accent.

Also “Man from Saxony” is the German equivalent of Florida Man.


In general, Hanover is the equivalent to “the queen’s English”/RP right? Which would kinda make sense as its the royal city


This is basically the milan/paris thread

Never been to milan
Like Paris


Yes exactly.

Cologne= chatty daytime tv host
Hamburg= a sailor who is also too cool for school
Black Forest= neat freak workaholic but sounds like Dobby from Harry Potter
Switzerland= are you sure this is German
Bavaria= loud jolly Santa like beer swilling lederhosen wearer who is somehow also a rich engineer
Tirol= awww cute Heidi
Vienna= I go to the opera but also know a guy who has got a load of TVs that fell off the back of the van if you’re interested
Styria= ha ha ha fucking hicks


i really like Glasgow a lot. and Edinburgh. have really enjoyed every visit to both.

Manchester seems nice but i’ve had quite bad luck both times i’ve been, which i now associate with it and hold it responsible for despite them being my fault. therefore, MANCHESTER.


ah yes, my gf told me about how TV tend to use people from Köln to present stuff cuz they sound the friendliest/warmest.

Berlin rudeness/shortness is very funny, I’m not sure if many outsiders like me and even really aware of how specific to Berlin it is.


In German it’s called the Berliner Schnauze. The Berlin Snout.

Vienna has the Wiener Schmah. Using over polite phrases to be snide and sarcastic.

  • Milan Good, Paris Good
  • Milan Good, Paris Shit
  • Milan Shit, Paris Good
  • Milan Shit, Paris Shit

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I’m not sure if I want to go to Vienna to be honest, heard loads of weird shit like that about the people ha


:smiley: so true. Alemannisch is so fucking hard to understand if you have limited German.

It’s like the most obscure parts of scouse and geordie colloquialisms and strongest accents started speaking German.


Yeah born and bred Viennese can be like that for sure, but there’s loads of people there from other German speaking areas and Slovenia/Croatia who aren’t like that.


Same as Berlin/any major city then


I remember the waiters in Vienna being of the old-school snooty variety. Hardly any would serve me given that I was a scruffy backpacker at the time. Saw an altercation between a waiter and one customer that nearly ended in an actual fight


actually that sounds kinda funny, let’s go!


Haha yes waiters in Vienna see you as a nuciance infesting their lovely restaurant.


It was actually full-on slapstick. The air-conditioning leaked all over one of the diners. He went to complain and the waiter flat-out ignored him, so he emptied an ice-bucket over his head


WHOA :smiley:


Can’t think of anywhere I’ve hated but I wasn’t over the moon with Barcelona
Just didn’t like the layout