Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


I’ve only ever met one person from Bavaria. He was rotund, bearded, very friendly, and also literally a rich engineer who owned an amazing modernist house in the forest near Berlin. So, bang on there.


Also it’s not so bad if you speak German well, because people in Vienna often also have a real sarcastic sense of humour and like to take the piss.

Also, Falco was the most Vienna man around. Check out the way he says heiß as heäääß.


Which part?


Whole shebang
It’s not a genuine criticism from an urban planning point of view or anything
Sometimes I don’t like it if a bed is facing a certain way


Found this map of the Viennese view of the rest of Austria, that rings true for me.

Andere sprache- Different language (that bit of Austria speaks incomprehensible Swiss German)
Geld- Money
Almbauern- Heidi land essentially.
Noch mehr- even more
Piefke und so- krauts and stuff
Fast piefke- almost krauts
(The bit labelled as Nazis elected Jorg Haider as governor twice)
Chemie- chemical works
Grüne Wiesen- lovely green meadows
Unbedeutende kleinstadt- Some small town I’ve never heard of (ie Graz, the second biggest city in the country)
Ausgebaute Keller- extended cellars (region where both Fritzl and the guy who kidnapped Natascha Kampusch lived)
Pröll- proles
Billige Häuser- cheap houses
Deppen- village idiots
Ostblock- Eastern Bloc
Das Zentrum der Welt- the centre of the world
Billig Einkaufen- cheap shopping


1 - Crewe
2 - Crewe
3 - Crewe
4 - Rotherham
5 - Crewe


Crewe, Crewe, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Rotherham, Crewe.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I severely disagree with this.

I didn’t ever think you were serious about actually disliking Edinburgh, I always figured you were just being difficult on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:


Trust that intuition x


Haha yes, I was in Berlin last summer and was told that “boys from Saxony think they’re the next royal family.”

And talked to some locals who we asked “Is there anywhere in Germany you wouldn’t want to live?” and they instantly replied “Bavaria… it’s like Texas”, with the biggest look of existential dread ever.


Thought you meant Saxon Switzerland near Dresden then.

Or this.

Or this, described as "Yorkshire’s Little Switzerland."

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, all the Switzerlands, all the time.


There’s a massive regional rivalry between Bavaria and Brandenberg/Prussia. Bavarians insult people from Northern Germany who they see as uptight and joyless as Saupreußen. Prussian Pigs.

The Austrians insult the non-Bavarian Germans as Piefke, which was the surname of some Prussian military guy, and again the insult is that they’re joyless and have no social skills.


There’s also a region of Switzerland called Schwyz


Yorkshire’s Little Switzerland? There’s another one-