Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Stop saying Blackpool you total bellends.

Scary yobs attempted to carjack me in Preston the only time I’ve been, but I can’t say the trip was a complete write off because I was there to see Teeth Of The Sea and they were alright and the venue was quite endearingly naff but well intentioned. And I wouldn’t look down on the provincial folks’ attempts at arts and culture, no sir not me.


Christmas market was okay, but even that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.


In all seriousness, it’s Hull isn’t it?


I agree, I spent 3 days in La Paz and thought it was great. Really nice feel to the place.


As much as I’d like to deny it Avonmouth is essentially a suburb of Bristol, although the M5 forms an effective barrier between the two for which we’re very thankful indeed.

On the subject of M5 adjacent shitholes: Gloucester. What a disaster that place is.


I’ve met one person from hull in my entire life. I think it’s fake.


Hull is other people.


Swindon. Such an abysmal place put family live there, requiring a visit every few months.


Medan, Sumatra.
Naples, Italy.
Albaquerque, USA.
Surfers Paradise, Australia.


oh shit, forgot about Birkenhead.


Krakow and Wroclaw had some interesting things but they also had Nazi graffiti scrawled on synagogues and people in the street shrieking about how evil abortion is. Probably wouldn’t go again.


Fair cop


What didn’t you like about Genoa? I thought it was lovely… until I saw someone shooting up in broad daylight at the bottom of some stairs.
But I did love the tiny alleys and streets with no lighting, very medieval.


A lot of places people are saying are the worst are places where a lot of poor people live…


Once while in Hull I came across an old fella who lived at a crossing of two main roads, he’d dragged his big armchair out the door and onto the pavement, and was sat out drinking tins of Guinness and watching traffic. He looked so at peace.


Re canvey
The ref got punched during my last Sunday league trip there, because he kept giving fouls when they were punching us and stuff. Then the other team tried to punch us more.


My mate got punched in the face and the guy only got a yellow card


Bangkok. Nothing but indistinct tall buildings, traffic and seediness. Hated it.

Beijing. Or at least when I was there- during the worst smog of the year. It was disgusting. Only part I enjoyed was the Temple of Heaven, and even then I could barely breathe.

Coventry. Shithole.

Paris. Shithole. Or so I thought so as a 13 year old. I will go back to see if I’ve matured or if I was correct. I did buy Daft Punk’s Discovery on CD from a hypermarket there though, every cloud.

Glasgow. Might get lynched for this but had a horrible time, didn’t meet a friendly soul despite its reputation. Did get a double battered sausage supper from a chippy though which was a highlight.


Horrible place, full of meatheads.


There is an abandoned jetty there which is cool to explore. Although when I went some kids started on us