Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Jaywick is a good shout. Makes Canvey look like Venice.


I prepared myself to be disappointed but it’s depressing how fucking ugly the surroundings are and it completely ruins it


I’ve only driven through the place and been to Canvey Island’s ground and Concord Rangers’ ground. Some of the bungalows have quite a nice seaside feel to them, and I’d like to head down to the actual front itself. But I don’t know how long I’d be hanging about there!


Not really worth it tbh, it’s basically just residential so there’s no reason to go there beyond footballing ones


Thankfully, won’t be going there this season (cup draws permitting), so thanks for saving me the effort :slight_smile:


Hull is the best city outside of your main ones in the north (e.g. Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield).


I dunno I quite like Canvey it weird as hell but the people are nice enough and they have that kind of weird chipper attitude where they know their island is pretty shit but they don’t really give a fuck.


Ban request


The only truly awful place I’ve been to that I can think of is Hartlepool. Sitting on the beach in the rain looking across at the nuclear power station was a low moment.


Paris is shite


Not for me Clive


Got a few mates who grew up in Cumbria, and you think that must be nice because you live on holiday, but then I stopped in Whitehaven on the way back on the way back from a climbing weekend once, and it just struck me that it’d be fucking torture being a teenager somewhere like that. Not completely grim, because I like looking at boats, but it was pretty gross.


I had a load of friends growing up who lived in little towns on Dartmoor. Really nice picturesque places with loads of countryside stuff to do. I wouldn’t have lasted more than a week somewhere like that, and probably still wouldn’t.


Pisa is really great proper student city. Obviously didnt go to the right places mate


I go to Hatfield for the car boot sale. I’ve got some mega bargains from there.


Like lovely botanical gardens great super cheap food. Bars that are open till late in the night, Pisa Cathedral is one of the most fantastic buildings in the country.

Honestly I really dont understand the hate. Always really enjoy my time there and while Florance is certainly better to visit Pisa is a far more real place in which I would rather live.

Its an actual place and as someone which speaks the language and has spent some time there I really like it.


Niagra is bloody horrid isn’t it? Falls are nice though.


Buffalo, New York

  1. Bradford
  2. Essen
  3. Ipswich
  4. Nice (nice art gallery aside was going to say toulon but Ive always enjoyed my time at toulon cant say the same with Nice)


Nahh man taking a sht on the pavement is classic Napels. You have to be engulfed by its chaos before you come to love it. Its really not what people expect of idealic italy but its full of life, characters, and amazing food.

I think a lot is about context. Living in Glasgow or Manchester can be great but if you are a tourist that doesnt speak the language its going to really fucking suck.

Like wise Siena is fantastic to visit but dreadfully boring to live in if you were born there and in your early 20s