Worst five cities/places you’ve been to


Genoa is a interesting city. Some very iffy parts around principale but on the other side near Brignole its really chill and lovely


has nobody said slough? really??


coventry - my old housemate used to live there before he lived with me in brum. once we were watching the local news and a reporter was standing in front of some crackhouse/brothel that had been raided in cov, and in the background further down the street was my housemate’s old flat.

i feel some loyalty to bracknell because i work there and spend a lot of time there, but really, bracknell

are we counting areas of cities? i wouldn’t put birmingham on my list (i did live there for 10 years so it can’t have been that bad) but if i can go more specific, lozells has got to be up there


Brescia’s got a rep for being full of neo-nazis too.


I feel like you haven’t suffered enough if you’re including Split.


Yeah I’d like to take that back, there are far worse in this thread that I’ve been to. It was just disappointing, really.

  1. Magaluf in winter when everything was locked up and no-one was there. Without all the drunk people and beach tat it looks like a Soviet industrial town.

  2. Sheerness.

  3. Mladost just outside of Sofia in Bulgaria. Apparently an expensive area due to good transport links. They dumped a load of high rises there in the 70s but didn’t really bother to build any roads. Lots of stray dogs that chase cars.

  4. Casablanca. All the downsides of Morocco, none of good stuff. Apparently Moroccans don’t like it much either.

  5. Various ex-industrial towns in Saxony. Full of neo-nazis and home of Pegida. They also talk like Brummies speaking German. (Dresden and Leipzig are great though).


Were you expecting Dubrovnik?


No, we were staying in Supetar on Brac and were expecting something more chilled, less obnoxiously touristy, or at least less fucking rammed with the contents of the bowels of as many cruise liners could fit in the harbour at once.

Supetar was lovely. I keep thinking about going back but there’s so many other places to see that it feels daft.


I was staying on Split harbour last month and luckily no cruise ships there then.

I did however leave Zadar just as a 1000 berth ship docked- and Zadar is much smaller.

I think Brač has an obnoxious party/yacht type crowd.


We didn’t bother with the party side. I’m the world’s most boring man, that’s my idea of hell. Supetar is more fishing village/low key tourist destination. A harbour with a handful of alright restaurants, a beachfront, the sea. It was nice.


I think I was in Split just before peak season. Mostly pleasant American and Canadian students doing some sightseeing.


Manchester is alright. But is the most overrated city in the UK.


Peterborough (city centre) was a lot nicer than I thought it would be.

Mind you, my definition of “nice” comes from saying “a bit better than Nelson, Darwen, Padiham, Colne and Huncoat”


Brescia was fucking sketchy. When I arrived I immediately thought “I’ve made a terrible mistake”. Being horrendously hungover and worried about getting stabbed,a great mix


Coventry. Was just a bit grey and grim, though maybe it’s changed since February 2003.

Luton. Grim, especially when my dad and I went to watch Burnley there in 1999 and IIRC kept getting turned away from pubs, because they hadn’t realised the 80s were over and people can go to an English football match without smashing the place up. Infected me with long-held prejudices that the South East, especially the Home Counties, were the capital of soulless, humourless, unfriendly Tory anaemia.

Milton Keynes. Though perhaps only because I got stranded on the train there at 3 in the morning. Still, in a place of that size, there should be something going on rather than thinking I’d wandered onto an empty soap opera set.

Preston. Nothing against the place as a whole - the centre is okay, loads of good pubs and the university’s come on really well in recent years. but as a student, I made a huge mistake living somewhere so close to home and so similar to where I was from, given there were a lot of bad, complex events in my teenage years and I needed to escape from that history by going to a much bigger and more distant city. And for the best part of seven years (though I wasn’t studying there all that time) I wasted my life with Dutch courage “It’s eventually going to happen, some day I’ll fall in love with this place.” I didn’t. And every time I go back there I get existential dread.

Not sure where else but though there are plenty of rural Ribble Valley/Yorkshire Dales villages near Clitheroe which are wonderful to visit and like the dream vision of rural England for tourists and city-dwellers, I wouldn’t like to live there. Farming families apart, there’s nobody between the age of 18 and 50, everybody knows everybody else’s business, and if you’re not making money in a “conventional” job you don’t feel that welcome. Plus they’re often full of those Tesco Value sausage-faced bald men with ill-fitting glasses who go up to women on the bus and say “Cheer up, love, it might never happen,” think Corbyn just wants to give students free stuff, and you’re not even allowed to call it Christmas anymore. It’s odd, in this identikit high street era, I’m a huge fan of local patriotism, character and expression - even Blackburn and Burnley, 10 miles apart, have different accents and seem to be in completely different eras - but a community like that demands you put so much time into the village you lose all sense of self.

You only have to watch the Love Thy Neighbour (no, not THAT one) documentary on Channel 4. I think this is true of a lot of “quaint” countryside all over Western Europe, though.


Ah, yeah, maybe I could have mentioned that. OK, a lot of my day there was spent working in the shopping centre, but driving through it seemed incredibly bland. No distinguishing features whatsoever.

Weirdly right next door is Shrewsbury, which I’ve always found quite charming, especially on a nice spring evening. I bet it’s 6 Nations Tory Checklist to the max though



Having said that, because it’s my hometown, and I lived there till I was 10 in the Technicolor late 80s/early 90s, every time I visit Accy, it’s a dreamlike playground in my own head, a la Montmartre with Amelie or Macondo with Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Sorry you had a shit 5 mins in Glasgow pal :wink:


Kings Lynn


The only way Edinburgh is the worst is if you visited during the festival.