Worst food for getting stuck in your teeth

Oranges? Corn on the cob? Ribs?

It’s corn on the cob right?


I was going to do a thread about corn on the cob earlier!

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Great community members’ minds think alike

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It’s actually a single string from a piece of celery


My answer to this is “the little bits in popcorn which are like plastic skins for the kernels that get left over once popped”


Poppy seeds from nice multiseed bread.


Green stuff like parsley, fresh coriander.

yes, I came in here to say seeds

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The skin of an apple.

I’ve never eaten an apple and not got a bit stuck between my teeth.

Fuck apples™.

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Didn’t expect 10 replies for this one. Thanks lads

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there’s a bit of raspberries (seed? not sure) which always gets stuck in my teeth, especially back teeth (thrilling)

Popcorn, corn on the cob, spinach. Pork Belly always tends to get stuck too.

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Crisps, sometimes.

Richard Curtis sequels lacked drama

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Raspberry jam, raspberry yoghurt etc


I also came here to say seeds

  • I came in here to say seeds
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