Worst food for getting stuck in your teeth

An un-popped popcorn kernel is the reason my molar is in its current state. The decision between extraction and root canal is pending…

Urgh. I’d keep your teeth where you possibly can, losing them does weird things to the shape of your face.

he’s not that old!!


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Can I ask why the people who voted “No” in this poll are dubious about my claim please?

nothing to add here - the big bads of food for getting stuck in your teeth have been covered

The fact that you voted ‘yes’ in that poll made me feel very uneasy.

Thank you for getting back to me. I hope I can rebuild your faith in me in some way soon.

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Time will tell Ant, time will tell.

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Gladys knight’s backing band

non-crispy bacon.

There’s something I order from my local Chinese takeaway. I think it might be called crispy beef, but it isn’t crispy, it’s covered in some sort of glue substance that efficiently plasters bits of beef to the surfaces of my teeth.

Damned tasty though.