Worst food to drop on your clothes


it might be bolognese


Anything with turmeric


If only for the reminder that you’ve wasted something you spent 48 hours making.

  1. a good bologese takes real time epimer.

can’t make a good one in any less than 96 hours


Yes, I believe you are correct.


There’s no topping bolognese for me.

OP starts and ends the thread.


not food, obviously, but toothpaste is pretty bad


Nothing gets chocolate out




Anything that’s got oil of some description in it


Oil which has been used to fry chorizo would be a real bad one I reckon


Ketchup. Even if you get a drop on your clothes and clean it immediately - there’s no way you’re wearing it the rest of the day - just stinks.


Chip shop/ Chinese takeaway curry sauce



I fucking hate mayonnaise anyway, and on black jeans at work it tends to a) HONK TO HIGH HEAVEN, b) look like you’ve spaffed your load.


curry cos it takes ages to get out




Particularly oily fish. Neither the stain nor smell ever comes out.




i see.