Worst Food*/Worst Drink


Smoked cheese
Cream soda

*that is within your diet




My cousin went to the University Of New Mexico (go Lobos!) in Albuquerque on a skiing scholarship. Just so you know.


worst food - tuna mayo
worst drink - gin


Salad/sandwich cream


You eating or drinking that?


Depends if the cashier gives me a straw or a spoon


Gotta agree on cream soda.

Dunno about worst food. Butternut squash? Absolutely hate it.


How can anyone hate butternut squash?! I can understand not being fussed by it, but hating it? It’s no cucumber.


Can’t really articulate it - something about vegetables that have a sweet sort of taste about them. Sweet potato I also dislike immensely and being able to ‘upgrade to sweet potato fries for £1’ in a pub or whatever is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled.


Tuna mayo
Campari/Aperol Spritz


I tried a sweet potato and pecan cake at the weekend and I was so taken with it that I bought the cookbook.


Incomparable imo. Aperol is very good and campari is very bad


Both bitter. Dislike


But cucumber is literally one of the least offensive foodstuffs so I don’t get this comparison…


Alright, Victor Kiam


Cucumber has a very distinctive taste that contaminates everything it touches, so you can’t even pick it out of things.


Low fat mozzarella
Vanilla coke


Black pudding - I mean, seriously you’re putting that into your body?

Full fat Coke - as above…


Yeah I definitely wouldn’t drink this