Worst idioms

What are your least favourite idioms?

‘Put up or shut up’ annoys me a lot

“step up” is always trotted out by similarly minded dolts

Fred Durst is going to have words with you.

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step up 2: the streets

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Mike Skinner is going to have words with you.


“I love [Name] to bits.”

the problems with ‘Put up or shut up’ are three-fold

  1. it’s clearly bullshit for cunts
  2. ‘put up’ isn’t a thing (unless you’re talking about building furniture or staying on a friend’s sofa)
  3. it’s clearly intended to rhyme but ‘put’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘shut’ unless you say one or both of them like an idiot

I don’t like “like shooting fish in a barrel” because that sounds fairly difficult

Problem with this one is that it isn’t clear who is in the barrel. Are the fish swimming around in the barrel, or are you trying to use a firearm whilst casketed?


I think it’s talking about putting a VHS of the film ‘shooting fish’ into a barrel

isn’t the meaning that you shoot the barrel once and the water comes out and kills the fish?

I guess that’s why you’re a Professor!


Well, that’s just trebled in difficulty!

Who still has VHS tapes in this day and age?!

but, on the other hand, did Shooting Fish ever get released on DVD? @marckee ?



So, the idiom should be “it’s like shooting a barrel and killing any fish that happen to be inside.”

Good explanation though.

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yeah, i totally just made that up having never really thought about it.

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i thought it meant “put up with me” or shut up

cheap at half the price @casinobay