Worst (innocuous) thread ever?

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you are a bad man

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Any of the ones where any combination of xylo, emo, marckee or I get into a long winded bickerfest
(so like 80% of them)

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that’s a populist thread right there

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Late contender


I think you’ll find this is one of the greatest threads of our time.

Perhaps of anyone’s time.

Before we get carried away - can we just qualify that with “…APART from the cycling thread”.

Otherwise … well you know.


because the cycling thread is TRULY execrable. truly.

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My magnum opus :raised_hands:t2::heart_eyes:

sexybum is a bad man too

the only reason I’m allowed to call people bad if I disagree with them is because this my thread

Maybe I don’t get it, but this guy seems to be starting a regulation Social Board thread every three hours at the moment:


Am I doing it wrong ??