Worst kind of 'News' (trivial only)

  • Two famous people who don’t typically see eye to eye have had a bit of banter on twitter
  • Brief paragraph about an event followed by lots of people’s reactions in tweet form - indicating it’s received very mixed feelings indeed

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Anything to do with the royal family, especially if it’s a piece presented by Nicholas Witchell.


Clickbait headlines on the BBC website.


That’s why I created this thread. Christ

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Very good shout

I know that there are worse news websites than the BBC. But somehow, in spite of the evidence against them, I expect better. It’s such a disappointment these days.

(Subthread: what are you using as your alternative go-to news site these days?)

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Guardian as long as I remember to scroll through past Opinion as fast as possible so my eyes don’t fall out of my head

Guardian Opinion: ‘general consensus on thing, sure. But can I shock you? I don’t agree.’

also home to this kind of hard-hitting journalism

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GF listens to Today in the morning and I try really hard not to.

C4 news in the evening.

DiS during the day.

“Twitter reacts to…”

Fuck off.


this food is now good / bad for you

you will need:

  1. peanut butter
  2. knife
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piers morgan will be spinning in his grave

Really angry about these


Fuck off those ingredients

I’m all for it till we get to the sweetcorn.

Fuck off sweetcorn.