Worst major sporting tournament


It’s the Davis Cup. Thanks for reading.


Le Tournoui


Rugby League World Cup


Difficult to argue with this really. Even in sports that I actively hate there is at least a sense of worth to the people who enjoy that sport. Literally not one person has ever watched a Davis Cup match with any sense of investment in the nation.


It’s on all the time and yet no-one ever actually seems to win the fucking thing.


Live on TV every year so I think it counts.


Commonwealth Games.


the Ashes


One of the footy ones because the others pass me by. People make such a fuss over a footy tournament.


survivor series


This is a solid shout, but it seems like the most important thing for the players involved and people do at least get excited by it. Can you imagine if one of your colleagues asked you if you’d watched “The Cup” last night?


yeah it’s shite, does produce some matches with great atmospheres and some great moments over the years but the format’s so bloated.
in favour of it being reduced to best of 3, would also happily see it scrapped / reduced to every 4 years and condensed into a 2 week competition or something


Anything fucking golf.


nah loads of people are into it. it’s why there was such a furore about the format changes


Which people? The Swiss? They don’t count


It also commits one of the worst sporting sins, which is that the “captain” doesn’t actually play.


people who are really into mens tennis and who enjoy the attritional aspect of best of 5 matches


But they love watching Wimbledon, The US Open, The French Open and The Australian Open


can’t they like those things and the davis cup?


Oh for sure but all of them would say this sentence verbatim if asked: “I love tennis but The Davis Cup is probably the worst major sporting tournament based on the level of prestige and the fact that tennis is an individual sport rather than a team sport, I do still watch it however and enjoy to do so”