Worst major sporting tournament



I guess objectively it’s that boat race. I quite like the romance and aesthetics of college boat racing. boat boys are 90% bad though. Find it weird that middle class non boaters turn up on the river to watch. feels a bit like misplaced aspiration. like the one day a year for bringing out the bright trousers and funny hats. very odd.

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the tory canoe race thing


actually …not that odd

Id like to win the lottry, go to an inner city college, get some people to learn how to row a boat and take on the tories.
turn it into an 80’s style film… or like cool runnings, without the crashing part.


Objectively shit, but only happens for about 20 minutes on one day a year. See also: Grand National. The Davis Cup is always on. It’s probably happening as we speak.

You’re probably right, although I’m struggling to define a specific one. I can’t think of a football tournament that hasn’t had all of the romance flushed out of it over the last 20 years.

ACTUALLY yeah come to think of it it’s probably any of the sports that involve animals being used.

bull fighting…?

I was thinking horse racing.

I think some tennis bro type people prefer it to slams but it’s an opinion i can’t really relate to

I’d like to meet one of those people to really dig into what it is that makes them tick

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That’s on TV?!

Think the cutbacks to the BBC’s sport budget means they’ll show any old shit these days and save the rest of their budget for Wimbledon. It’s why they dedicate an entire morning of programming to the Great North Run.

Oh yeah, scrap showing that shit. It’s a half marathon! The clue is in the name. You wouldn’t show a half football match.

Sometimes broadcasters do have to show a half football match

It’s definitely the men’s football World Cup because it’s impossible to get away from it when it’s on. Even the Olympics isn’t as bad, because people get bored of pretending to care about fencing or whatever after a week or so.

Do they?

Yeah, sometimes. If a foreign match kicks off during the hours of 3pm - 5:15pm on a Saturday then the broadcaster has to just show as much of the match that falls outside those hours as they can. There’s been plenty of occasions where you’ve only been able to watch like 60 minutes of a Real Madrid Barcelona match or whatever.

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It’s probably much easier to get away from big sporting events these days then when there was just four channels and two of them had endless sport and there was no internet or Netflix or anything as alternatives