Worst major sporting tournament

Try it. Can’t go out in public without World Cup chat bleeding in from somewhere.

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Go out? Public? What is this madness?


Formula One World Championship obviously. God, it’s tedious


think the only redeeming feature of F1 is the fact that everyone involved seems to hate eachother

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If you stay in it ends up all over your Twitter feed and favourite once-popular indie music website anyway.

Not a sport so therefore not a valid thread contribution.


Positives: Good crashes
Negatives: literally everything else


One of the horse racing ones. Not strictly a tournament though.

A sport that involves tiny men sitting on an animal should be great but it’s not and it seems only to exist for people to bet on it which I’m not sure applies to any other sport.

Emirates Cup

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Marathons - who watches these.
Nascar - they literally drive in a circle, its embarrassing
Golf - it’s golf.

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I think horse racing is correct though


Admiral’s Cup

We’re after specific tournaments here.

F1 on TV as well. My GF family are proper into F1 - it was the singapore GP this weekend and her family all got together inside on a lovely day to watch some cars drive around for fucking ages.

Volleyminton World Championships

quite like watching a marathon on a balmy sunday morning

Okay - the Nascar tournament, the golf tournament and the marathon tournament


Had to Google this, turns out it no longer happens (presumably because the advent of TV has made people realise there are way better sports).

Winter Olympics is crap too, even the bobsleigh and ski jump can’t save it

Don’t @ me

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That’s only been held twice in 18 years, so it’s not really major. The America’s Cup is also stupid.