Worst new bands you've discovered lately



recently saw some Twitter bellends raving about some band called Trampolene. i looked them up out of curiosity and as well as their actual songs being really terrible LAD rock, they’ve actually gone and done a SPOKEN WORD piece about THE LIBERTINES. ACTUALLY, in 2016.

also Blossoms definitely sound like Savage Garden, as Sleaford Mods put it.

any more?


Haven’t technically heard them, but I keep getting awful PR e-mails about a band called ‘The Hunna’, who look like this:

So they are obviously shite, but I am mostly annoyed by the fact they are probably named after a Chief Keef song, which just seems like horrific ironic racism.


FUCK-KING HELL! I just cringed all the way through that.

Edit: this is in response to that @Icarus-Smicarus Libertine video.


Came in here to post Blossoms. They were on the radio this morning: main influences seem to be The La’s and McFly



the rest isn’t much better


i was stuck watching a live set by two young men called the chainsmokers and i felt like i was on the wrong planet


is RAT BOY still a thing? haven’t heard of him/them lately.



Please make it Stop! Please…

And my god you are right they are bad. Sound like Oasis without tunes:


What worries me about Blossoms is how much PR backing they are getting. Seem a complete hype machine that has been pushed to be the next Bastille.


What’s wrong with Savage Garden? Brisbane’s best export!


Australia’s changed you


they’re the kind of band that these days i don’t normally bother getting annoyed about anymore and just think “shite but not really aimed at me is it”. like with Bastille. don’t have to hear shit radio stations that often these days, which helps.

but in the wake of the Sleaford Mods twitter ‘feud’ i saw lots of young indieLADS talking about them like some sort of young working class heroes and i couldn’t believe how insipid they were when i looked em up. baffling. i’m sure i read that their album is the lowest selling number 1 album ever.


still not sure if i’ve been subjected to any Catfish & The Bottlemen songs yet. but they’re proper proper cunts aren’t they:


haha weird, i was just telling a friend about a terrible song i overheard in a shop a few months ago and decided to google it. turns out it’s these guys!


Im might go through that video and point out which of those photos arnt selfies. Seems like a good way to waste a few hours


Delta Riggs

Sticky Fingers

examples of whole bunch of lad bands from Australia at the moment, influence by Oasis, Kasabian and other packs of cunts

big label backing as well, so they are everywhere, all the international supports etc

DMAs are another one


Not a fan of Powderfinger, then?


best out of Woodridge at least!


My sister showed me the video for “Get Over It” by Rat Boy and it was staggeringly tasteless