Worst office treats/snacks ever (banal)

Someone’s brought in cheap white rolls and strawberry jam in a squeezy bottle. For FUCK’s sake.

What the fuck is that even meant to be. I wouldn’t put squeezy jam on apple slices ffs

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I’m legitimately angry on your behalf




gonna book a holiday but not sure where, either calpe or valencia

why isn’t it home time

We only have three snack days (3x birthdays) and I always get a dozen Krispy Kremes (I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like them, you schlong) and the other two will buy a shit box of cornflake clusters or something. Not quite sure what to do about it.

How many of the dozen doughnuts do you eat?

I remember a particularly health-conscious manager going on holiday and instead of bringing back treats, bought two baskets of fruit. It took about two weeks to clear.


Boiled sweets that are blatantly the cheapest thing available in the airport are my signature holiday treat.

Someone bought in a load of miniature sausage rolls and a 2 litre bottle of 7up. This was some months ago and the 7up is still sitting, around two thirds full, by the sink.


Jam doughnuts will get eaten if nothing else is available, but if they’re part of a spread then 5/6 of them are going in the bin

We had a Marketing Manager like that. Brought in apples and satsumas on his biŕthday

This is the worst thing that’s ever been posted in a banal thread. Jam doughnuts are incredible.

I agree they’re good, but they always go to waste in an office environment, in my experience.

I’ve got nothing against jam doughnuts Epimer and I don’t want this to divide us.

Too late, you’re dead to me.

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I always bring savoury snacks (sausage rolls, scotch eggs etc) in for my birthday.

  • This is better than bringing in sweet treats
  • This is worse than bringing in sweet treats
  • You should maybe consider bringing in both sweet and savoury treats

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Options two and three, imo.

See also: yumyums.

FUCK off they’re also great

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what the FUCK

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