Worst office treats/snacks ever (banal)

come on @Epimer let’s leave

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Let’s go to Greggs.

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Read the thread you fucking rakes. No-one is saying that these are bad treats but in an office environment where a number of treats have been provided these are the ones that get left behind. This is a FACT.

Raise a grievance with HR

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My arse. On Monday, you bring in some yumyums, some jam doughnuts, and some cheap white rolls and a squeezy bottle of jam and we’ll see what’s left by the close of business.


Home made jam doughnuts?

yum yums / doughnuts would be the first to go in my office

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This has reminded me of a pal who works at a swanky design agency, where they get given a £170 watch if they pass the probation period

The most recent person to pass turned down the watch and asked for a more expensive phone instead. When they got told no, they filed an official grievance.

Just… :joy::joy:


That’s what they’re spending my money on up at the Spreadsheet Palace? Fucking hell. Get some Greggs custard slices on your next birthday, they’ll probably throw you a parade.

They are there from lunctime and people can have as many as they want so I will have two probably, then take them home and maybe eat another, then feel sick and then eat another the next day and then throw the mint one against a wall.

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you think THEY pay???


Christ, how the other half live, eh?


In my office for people’s birthdays:

  • The office / colleagues buy cakes / treats
  • I have to bring cakes / treats in

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I’d have single-handedly polished them off by lunchtime



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really, let’s go to Greggs NOW

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My office buys two big cakes from Konditor and Cook for people’s birthdays.


I’d rather have a flexible working policy but I’ll take what I can get.


I don’t know what this is, but I bet my left bollock is not as good as a 65p bag of jam doughnuts from Tezbots and a Gregg’s yumyum.


It is a fancy London cake shop for people with more money than sense.