Worst perfume advert around at the minute

or after shave or whatev

  • Dior Sauvage (Johnny Depp)
  • Armani Si (Cate Blanchett)
  • Gucci Guilty (Jared Leto)
  • Charlie Theron (J’Adore Dior)
  • Julia Roberts (Lancome La Vie est Belle)
  • Other

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Probably should have read that properly before voting. Which is the “I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be blah blah blah”? Hate that one.


think that’s all of them? apart from julia roberts, she doesn’t say a word, just smiles politely.

that really annoys me for some reason and i’m supposed to be a julia roberts fan

kenzo weapon of choice one


i looked this up but seemed like it had been out for a while and i hadn’t actually seen it on tv or owt

it’s newer than any of the ones in your poll bar jared leto!!!

sorry, pop queen

i’ve seen the steve mcqueen x burberry one about three times at the cinema

(it’s too long)

3 years old but still the worst in circulation, all of it’s bad but the final scene hits a new nadir, incredible

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nice lil tie in there

Rap really doesn’t work for perfume ads, too wordy innit. Although, saying that, all perfume ads are shit so not sure what music does work

Do they ever feature any reference to what the smells are? There should be a big cauldron and some lab coats dropping sandalwood and lemons and arctic mist and stuff in and swirling it around.


I like this more than I have liked any other perfume advert, but they’re still always shockingly expensive tat. Imagine buying a scent on the basis of this (or worse, some hench bumhat standing on a beach whispering at you).

I love perfume ads. Love how over-the-top they are. Love what a ridiculous throwback they are. Love how they try to sell you something purely on a nonsensical feeling. I think most of you lot also secretly love them too.

Nice work, @penoid

The Kenzo one gets points for effort, but is a bit too Cadburys.

The Mr Burberry one is quite enjoyable. Kinda wanna see more(!). But the name of the product and the silly hat thing the bottle has on are ridiculous.

Invictus one is total bullshit, in my imo. Olympia feels like a cheap knockoff response single.

Quite like the ridiculousness of that motorbiking through Paris(?) one (partly for the over the top-ness, and partly for the unintentional Zovirax similarities). Gaultier? Nope, just looked it up. Coco Mademoiselle. The extended version is total total bullshit, tho. COCO MADEMOISELLE, the film with Keira Knightley – CHANEL Fragrance - YouTube

Gaultier is usually good value and this ship one is decent - - YouTube

Ultimately, for the bollox factor, there’s no option but to opt for another vote for Davidoff Cool “Would you like her to rephrase the question? I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be any more”. It’s unbeatable. And there’s an equally shit extended version! BLEU de CHANEL, the 2010 film with Gaspard Ulliel – CHANEL Fragrance - YouTube

Merry Christmas!

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