Worst pub you've ever been in



The Bugle, Reading.


The Arrow, Eastleigh.


The Nelson, Oxford


Monaghans Tavern, Wood Green


The Princess Alexandra, Canning Town


The Chimes, Shandon, Cork City.


Sports cafe, Manchester


That spoons in angel.


The Goldfinger Tavern, Highworth


Fair, that place looks shit


The Barracks - Post Office Sports & Social Club, Lincoln (UTI)




Oh no actually I think it’s the pub nearest to the Irish Centre in Leeds. What a hole.


it’s a good boozer, but in terms of aggro within a short period of time, the spreadeagle in Wandsworth around 2005.
In the space of an hour, some crazy woman racially attacked some gents playing pool, there was a separate fight,with pool cues, and some crazy bastards started throwing darts towards my brother in laws head.
Left soon after and never been back




One of the Welsh nationalist pubs in Aber that refuse to speak English. Vale of Rheidol probably pick of the bunch for sketchiness.


[insert really highly-regarded pub somewhere in london that serves loads of wanker beers]


old-version Castle, Aldgate East.

Even the bouncers were selling drugs


I give up.

CHAT ENCOURAGED (but it’ll go to shit soon enough)


Charlie Chaplin, Elephant and Castle