Worst quiz show


It’s Tipping Point. Thanks for reading.


Genuinely can’t remember the last time I watched a quiz show but almost certain it would have been while at my parents house (so 5+ years ago)


I really struggle to get through an episode of only connect


Some of the muck they have on the Lottery shows come close. But yeah, Tipping Point is almost an obscenity.


Probably The Chase, but I’ve not seen many current quiz shows.


It’s not Tipping Point


at least once a week bradley walsh completely loses shit over a person/place with a slightly amusing name, and this in itself justifies the existence of the chase.


Yeah that’s shit, but at least they know that’s just psuedy fart-sniffing and bury it on… BBC Four or wherever accordingly. Tipping Point is currently squatting malevolently in the Countdown/Deal or No Deal slot.


i recently found out that the million pound drop has been downgraded to the £100k drop, which is pretty shit and embarrassing imho


That’s only because the fanny smeller one went viral and now they’re trying to make it a thing.

Also irks me every time they make the ‘chaser’ out to be a right villain. Ooooh it’s the beast is it? His name’s probably Philip or something so calm down.


His name is Mark Labbett


The first 2 rounds are fucking infuriating. Cryptic stuff is the fucking worst. The last 2 rounds are great.


He’s married to his cousin or something isn’t he?


this is true, yeah




I’d watch an hour of the missing vowels round.




Might as well argue over the worst venereal disease.


Uni Challenge.

Why does every fucking question need to be a paragraph long? Paxman is a cunt. The contestants are drips. Oxbridge shouldnt be allowed to enter 20 colleges each, elitist twats.

The whole thing can get in the fucking bin.


The Shelbyville Beast