Worst quiz show


Did they used to show a travelogue section of the previous winners visiting their counterparts overseas? it might have been that bit I liked tbh tbf…


yeah - the start of that clip I posted shows a lovely trip to Brussels


The going for gold theme was written by Hans Zimmer, best thing he ever did imo


I remember that too - didn’t they have a team of busmen on it once. That confused me after my Mum had explained what the title meant.


Here in the US Wheel of Fortune is still on. Fucking gash. The worst thing is, that despite being on the air for a thousand years they’ve not got the timing down and they rush through the last round.

All quiz shows suck here. They don’t even bother getting to know the contestants. Who am I meant to support?

Jeopardy is good though. Alex Trebeck is a shit host though. I’ll take Alexander Armstrong if you guys don’t want him anymore


I like Only Connect, I also like the fact that in the first series they had Greek letters for the categories and they received complaints saying that was too highbrow so in the next series they changed it to hieroglyphics! :smiley:


I watched this programme on BBC4 recently which discussed Golden Balls and the whole split/steal issue which in game theory is similar to a thing known as the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The guy in the clip you posted (I’m assuming it’s this clip as I can’t watch it at work) who says he’ll definitely ‘steal’ but will share the money if the other guy goes ‘split’, is apparently now invited to game theory seminars to explain his approach. Interesting if a little nerdy!


Look me a couple of series with the hieroglyphics before I had them memorised. The people who go on Only Connect are the type of people who would commit them to memory immediately.

I always look out for the horn-ed viper.


I mean what a rip off, and a poor one at that (zero production values compared to Goldenballs), but my word Kilroy saying shafted every other word and over £200,000 up for grabs?!



Where’s Pets Win Prizes?


I don’t respect anyone as much as I do Kevin from eggheads. The guy is a computer


Best quizzer in the world. A colossus bestriding the entire history of quiz.



Spurs fan apparently, great guy!


I know this is worst quiz show but I’ve got to mention the absolute best. Bullseye. Absolutely love a bit of Bully.