Worst quiz show


It’s still Tipping Point.


The concept of tipping point is so strong that nothing else about it matters.


Are we counting Deal or No Deal? There’s no “quiz” aspect in a trivia sense, the only question is one of making an assessment as to the value of your offer as relates to your remaining boxes, but it’s appalling television, all the bullshit suspense and talk about having a system. And Noel Edmondes of course.


i fucking hate pointless, primarily because of this smug cunt


University Challenge is the best quiz show, but you are right on the Oxbridge thing.


weirdly, i hated this aspect until i found out that noel edmonds actually believes it, and now find it sort of fascinating in the same way that i enjoy those really long tinfoil hat twitter threads


it’s eggheads. I hate every single one of them, with all my life. especially cj de mooi, the amsterdam pusher


Which is worse?

  • The Chase
  • Pointless

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One of those 2p machines only for some reason there’s an estate agent asking ridiculously easy questions (sample from yesterday: what letter is written in white on parking signs?) is a shite concept however you cut it.


quiz show personalities who have killed someone:

cj de mooi
noel edmonds

any others?


they’re all such wankers, apart from poor daphne who’s now deid


wipeout was a good quiz show (the bob monkhouse one, not the richard hammond obstacle course one)


Barrymore? *ALLEDGELY!


The Richard Hammond one was also great but probably not a quiz show.


ah, yeah! good call!


Loved Wipeout! But only with Monkhouse. When it switched to Paul Daniels, it was dead to me.




i used to thoroughly enjoy BBC’s mid-80’s quiz show “turnabout”


Definitely eggheads. They ask about 12 questions over the course of the show. Most of it is explaining why you think it isn’t the answers you’re eliminating. Bring back weakest link, I say.


i’ve got a very underdeveloped theory that there is a reverse correlation between the quality of a quiz/game show and the quality of the prizes on offer.

my argument is mainly based around the fact that prizes on 80s quiz/game shows were quite shit by today’s standards, but the shows are almost uniformly better.

please note that this theory does not apply to the million pound/£100k drop, where the entire format is dependent on the quality of the prize