Worst quiz show


Ugh, that is tedious.

Well, it’s not 1986 because I know it’s 1982. It’s not 1990 because I studied this and I know the answer is 1982.
So, I’m going for 1982.


It’s definitely tipping point.


Have you seen any of Tenable? Saw one recently where someone would win about six grand if they could name all ten of the fastest male 100m runners. That’s the kind of difficulty:prize ratio I can get behind.


i haven’t, but i will try and watch some
because that sounds fantastic.

me too! i really love a quiz where the value is almost entirely just in the pleasure of knowing obscure stuff


Worst quiz show presenter person?

  • Noel Edmonds
  • Richard Osman
  • Alexander Armstrong
  • Bradley Walsh
  • Ben Shephard
  • Denty

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The Richard Hammond one is called total wipeout. Idiot dickhead.



who’s ‘denty’?


i distinctly remember an episode of pointless where the final round was something bonkers like ‘1976 olympic field medalists’, and over the course
of the deliberations, the final answers and the subsequent chat, the guy gave about 9 pointless answers, all supplemented with endless additional details. think he won about 2 grand or something.


I know Osman is a smug ponce and Edmonds is certifiable but just look at his face

“Mmm…you a want a BATHROOM? I don’t think you can expect that…not with YOUR budget…”




Susie Dent but whenever I think of her I think of Matt Berry saying ‘Denty’ in one of his videos.


alright, paul simon


Susie Dent has no business being in that poll. She’s great.


Also, I always initially think that people are talking about the Soundgarden bassist.

Yes, even now.


just wait til pervo sees this

rip @jont2001


yeah eggheads is the most excruciatingly dull thing I’ve ever seen


1000000% agree, she’s an absolute angel. I will have to consider banning the perpetrator.



(Susie Dent is great, I agree)