Worst quiz show


does susie dent even technically count as a presenter?


Someone keeps coughing in here - any more of it and there’ll be an investigation.


discovered this on a week off work recently. not a bad idea downgrading it and sticking it in a teatime slot rather than primetime. works quite well there actually. still enjoyable.

a far cry from the days of everyone playing along at home on the website though


To be fair - he IS a fucking prick though.


no, she does dictionary corner, not the numbers round.


read this old Jon Ronson article about this recently in one of his books which i enjoyed a lot


Love. It.


Love that too.


One of the best ever…and this…


feels a bit weird that we still have such a popular quiz show where it’s impossible to know half the answers if you weren’t privately educated


“OK Magdalene, your bonus questions are on Elgar…”

Fuck offffffff


The ITV show ‘Pick Me!’ is the correct answer.


i do like it when the music round turns out to be popular music rather than classical and they play something like The White Stripes and none of the dweebs have a fucking clue


this is exactly what i was referring to in my post upthread. love this article.


they usually do though, tbf



Yeah it’s awful. I honestly can’t remember the first half of the question by the time he’s finished asking it because there’s so much unnecessary waffle :confused:

I was friends with elitist dickheads in the first year of uni and they made us watch UC and then would jeer at me if I got something wrong or if I didn’t get enough questions right. So I might be projecting my sheer hatred a little bit


DO you remember one called The Chair or something presented by John McEnroe and people had to sit in a chair and do a quiz but their heart rate wasn’t allowed to rise or they would lose. Despite the fact that they were doing a quiz show with an audience for money.


and then he electrocuted them


The other day it was computer games and the mega dweeb got them and I was infuriated just thinking ‘how the hell do have time in your life to know about byzantine architecture, and molecular enzymes, and still play the fucking last of us? you complete dick.’