Worst quiz show


You cannot be serious? Did he really?


Finally, my time to shine!



Worst quiz - Tipping Point because the quiz side of it is SO lame. I swear it is questions like: “Which Tank Engine, typically blue in colour and popular with children for decades, has the same first name as the famous American inventor Edison which can be abbreviated to Tom?”

Worst presenter - Alexander Armstrong. Hundreds of shows under his belt and he still looks and sounds uncomfortable. Always the same three lines of questioning the contestants. Shame cos I like Pointless as a quiz itself.


For this alone, the chase should not be in the discussion



generally speaking the more protracted the concept the worse it is. some shocking ones recently like Tipping Point and one where people have to make lists of things, and one of the the lottery ones a few years ago had something like a hundred people playing at once. Golden Balls with Jasper Carrott remains a high watermark in this genre, rules were genuinely baffling.

the exception to this rule is of course Supermarket Sweep


Still miss that Golf-themed quiz show hosted by one of the tarbucks.


Aye, Tipping Point. Any show like that with loads of time spent fucking about without any questions is shite for folk at home. Pointless with all semi forced banter almost goes into this territory but the rounds are good fun on that at least.

The prize money on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire was mental when you think about it.


Full Swing with Jimmy!



Who presented Pets Win Prizes the best - Danny or Dale?




that Richard Osman Two Tribes one was very weird and silly as well. dividing people into different teams for each round based on whether they like white or brown bread or whether they wipe their arse standing up or sitting down.

as a massive fan of Pointless i was disappointed in him


I skim read that as “do you like brown bread or wiping your arse standing up?”
But aye Osman outside of his natural habitat is poor.


i don’t mind him, it was a fun novelty seeing him pop up on comedy shows at first. has probably grown a little bit tiresome now thugh


i love the contestants thinking he’s working undercover for The Banker


You know folks, the real answer is…

A League Of Their Own.

What a shower of shite and everyone on it is a ballbag.


i’d split panel shows and normie quiz shows into two different categories, but A League of Their Own is absolutely the worst panel show (or at least fighting it out with Celebrity Juice)


League Of Their Own edges by having Corden on it.
But yeah they both may not count as they don’t feature average/likeable people.


When I was on Pointless, Osman was nothing but charming but Armstrong was a colossal tool and looked like he couldn’t wait to get it over with which is fine (they film like 4 episodes a day) but a smile wouldn’t have hurt.

Best quiz opening credits- Going for Gold, obviously.


has anyone mentioned Tenable with Warwick Davis? cause it’s Tenable


And Henry was a great fella.