Worst quiz show


still remember when one massive guy on Going for Gold managed to rip the buzzer out of the stand. Wires dangling everywhere.


Spent one NYE watching episodes of Going for Gold on YouTube at 6am very intoxicated. Probably the best new year I’ve had.




Irish game shows are better.
Bad quality video but love this kind of reaction. Also very frequntly the contestants are very obviously boozed up on this show.
This guy winning is fantastic:


bad opinion

bad opinion

agree with the oxbridge thing but it’s nice having more… challenging questions sometimes. but very few things in the world are better to watch than Paxman going “…No?” when an eager young mind springs up early with an incorrect answer. also see ic-smic’s point on popular music. wonderful stuff.

great opinion, this

the greatest quiz show is obviously Catchphrase because it reminds me of being on school holidays with my mum. cheers.


seems to be impossible to go on Winning Streak and not win a shitload of money (i guess getting on the show is the hard part as you need a winning scratch card?)

“Oh no you’ve landed on the €100 there. Sure give it another little turn there Mary. There you are, €10,000. Well done Mary!”


a question of sport


Aye I’ve sent winning cards in a few times but never been lucky enough to get on the show.
It’s great! just a few average people who’ve clearly been making the most of the free drinks etc just getting a shitload of cash. Even the people who do worst go home with 10s of thousands of euro.


A Question Of Sport>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A League Of Their Own


whats that keith lemon thing :man_shrugging: must be bad.


it’s just like a load auld ones at a wedding but they’re turning a big wheel and winning a load of cash


These were hit and miss, but this is absolute gold innit


I used to like AQoS back in the day, probably due to lack of any viable choices, but it’s awful nowadays.

probably still better than A League Of Their Own mind


I saw an episode of this, absolutely no idea what was going on or how it was on TV


Not having this abuse of UC. It’s the best quiz programme because it’s pure trivia, no nonsense, even more gimmick free than 15 to 1 or something.

Yeah, the standard is more difficult / trivia is more arcane than your average quiz show, but I don’t want every quiz show to be the same. Some are easy (Weakest Link), some are average (Millionaire), some are hard (UC). The long questions are just a format (taken from the US college bowl style quiz tournaments) where they open with a broad subject (which country) then begin to narrow down (in the west of Africa) and finally end up really specific so that the answer is typically quite straightforward (has its parliament in the capital city, Dakar). It rewards having a broad range of knowledge, being able to make educated guesses, and having the nerve to buzz in quickly. You don’t have to university educated to be able to answer the questions, after all, people only study a single subject at university. You have to be a student to take part of course, but I’d happily get rid of that, call it Quiz Team Challenge and just let local pub teams do it, whatever.

Also coming round on my earlier comment of not letting Oxbridge colleges compete individually, since they are separate teaching institutions…

Yours sincerely, a University Challenge team member (who never made it to TV).


It’s actually surprisingly easy to get guesses on UC correct a lot of the time

e.g. 'which British composer… ’ pretty much guaranteed to be one of Elgar, Vaughn-Williams or Britten


Yeah absolutely. There are loads of patterns and stuff, same as learning the rubric of cryptic crosswords.


“Teaching institution challenge” it is


Should UCL, Royal Holloway, Kings etc all have to enter as the University of London?


I feel short changed as I was privately educated (from 11 to 16 at least) and I don’t know any of that shit either. My mum should get a refund really