Worst quiz show


Why doesn’t Oxbridge, the larger university, etc.


you can’t possibly deny that it rewards having a knowledge base that certain segments of the population are much more likely to have though


not the same thing, as you know.


I’m sure its roots were in university syllabi, but aside from the style the questions are asked in and the fact it generally steers clear of questions about topical events, there’s plenty that you’d find in a tricky pub quiz.

My dad didn’t go to university, he does fine answering questions on University Challenge. If you’re well read, have broad interests, have a good memory for trivia, you can handle it. The thing that makes it elitist is its arbitrary limitation of its contestant base, and like I said, I’d be happy for that to change.


yeah that’s why i was suggesting it really boils down to what school you went to


Ooh we can grant degrees, lah-di-fucking-da


Why though? Everyone does roughly the same curriculum?


Is this the best quiz thread?



well for example i would have said a great deal of the questions come under the subject of ‘Classics’ which a lot of schools wouldn’t really touch, beyond a passable look at a couple of Shakespeare plays in English lit and a little bit of telling you what artists to copy in art class when they’re making you draw a picture of your shoe.

i admittedly know little of how private schooling works really and i’m just assuming that contestants all having this basic understanding of composers and classical art readily under their belt comes from how they’ve been educated growing up as it can certainly feel a bit alien. not condemning them for it but it can feel a bit of a weird show to watch as a result knowing that you’d have to properly study at length to know such a range of information


Colleges within ‘the University of London’ are essentially individual universities, and recognised as such. The same is not true of Oxbridge colleges which are primarily teaching institutions (as you acknowledge).


that said one of my few proud moments watching it was surprising my English friend by immediately recognising Lady Jane Grey from a paintings round (because it’s the main picture on her wikipedia page)


Just say University Challenge is Tory and let’s have this over with.


ha, i was trying quite hard to keep that post from going down the ‘it’s Tory and everyone who likes it is Tory’ road. i can see the attraction of watching it and i’ll sometimes stick it on but i think it’s definitely alienating for a lot of people, when you realise that it’s not a “bloody hell how did they know that?” type show for everyone

like Only Connect is the other gameshow that i’d think of as ‘clever’ but obviously it’s more about a certain way of thinking and working stuff out in a cryptic way and learning how to do that and less about having to know a very wide array of historical culture before you even begin


Not sure about this. I think you need to have pretty amazing broad general knowledge to come close to succeeding at Only Connect.


to be honest i don’t watch much Only Connect and i’m very bad at it. i only really remember the word association bits off the top of my head.

i don’t really understand how the contestants remember the names of the symbols for the categories though


this is the bit that would stress me out the most if I was ever on it I reckon


I guess there are broader issues we need to think about regarding the fetishisation of knowing facts and stuff, why are so many hardcore quizzers men for example (even though producers are now pretty open about trying to cut down on teams of four white guys?)

I was a nerdy kid who used to read the children’s illustrated encyclopaedia for fun, how closely is that tied to my upbringing / educational background, how much is my innate personality? idk


“i’ll have the snake lad there, Victoria”


I was going to write something pointlessly lenghty out but yeah you’ve pretty much nailed it, it’s really obviously tory

if I was forced to watch a quiz show it’d still be university challenge or only connect, but I think denying it’s inherent toriness is pretty pointless


don’t think pointless is that tory