Worst quiz show


i’ll be off


if alexander armstrong isn’t a tory I’ll eat my hat


Pointless is the perfect quiz really isn’t it? Rewards intelligent obscure answers if you know them but you can still play along if you don’t. Superb.


he says this ‘I’m not greatly impressed by party politics but I am by individual people. I’m a centrist, and very suspicious of any tribalism.’

which is rich white man code for ‘I’m a massive tory’


he’s also very good friends with george osborne


maybe we should compile a list of quiz shows that aren’t tory, might be easier


tipping point


Supermarket Sweep


The ideal quiz show wouldn’t have a host, contestants, or even a studio, it would just be a screen of questions followed by correct answers, maybe read out loud so the vision-impaired can take part.


Countdown is quite Tory but the Countdown community is largely left-leaning.


Going for Gold


Did you see that fucking garbage Telegraph article by Gyles Brandreth about how quizzing is the last safe space for nerdy men? Awful. Made me vom in my mouth a bit. There was a really good Facebook post responding to it that I’ll try and find.

If anything, the whiteness of quizzing is worse than the gender bias in my experience.


Fun House


Anyone who thinks Goldenballs is worst has obviously never seen this. Incredible television.


It’s that new one, Impossible. It’s so awful, the host is like a personality vacuum, the premise is just wasting time and they even have a celebrity version when they could put a nice repeat of something good on.

Love Only Connect.


eggheads is kind of good and lighthearted though.

Plus the smiley one and the boring one are great.


but anyway, the worst one is definitely only connect which is a shame because the contestants always seem pretty nice just the woman who hosts it is really smug and cringey


Any quiz > any reality show wannabe famous bollocks.


i own two copies of the goldenballs board game. pretty much guaranteed to ruin any family gathering.


I’ve got it somewhere too! Someone bought it for me in a charity shop once cause they owed me a fiver and I took that and an Elvis Costello vinyl single instead of the cash. I’ve never taken it out of the box.