Worst quiz show


aw mate, you should! it comes with a ball machine that also plays all the little musical stings from the show (never the right one at the right time, though!)

it’s pretty much the exact same format as the tv show but if anything it’s made funnier by the fact that there’s no actual money at stake and so people are completely dicking each other over for literally no reason.


also, your friend massively, massively overpaid if they considered the combined value of that game and the elvis costello single to be equal to five pounds (and i don’t care what they were selling at in the shop - the game alone is easily worth well over a fiver!)



this is just beautiful television


Game was £3 and the record was £2 I believe. To be honest I’m not entirely sure where either of them are now and I’d only have spent the money on crisps so it’s much of a muchness really.


oof. really hate the whole split/steal concept, genuinely horrible stuff.


Any which aren’t touch move your fucking shits.


I know the UC discussion has died down but its a horrible, horrible quiz show.

Mastermind is much better (though Humphrys is a knob)


Aye, that one was rubbish.

I like his house of games show though.


I’ve ranked every show mentioned in this thread. I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t love Pointless.

Fun House
15 to 1
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Golden Balls
The Chase
Weakest Link
Going for Gold
Only Connect
Supermarket Sweep
University Challenge
Two Tribes
Million Pound Drop
Deal or No Deal
Tipping Point
Cheap Cheap Cheap


The Coleman / Beaumont / Hughes / Carson era was great. Partly because it stuck to one format and didn’t involve rubbish spot games.

Been a bit crap since Frankie Dettori was made a captain. Never understood why anyone thought he was a good choice.


Where does Beat the Teacher come?


Never seen it so didn’t include it. Sounds rubbish though.

Just for reference, To Me To You (with the Chuckle Brothers) would be just above 15 to 1 in my list.


That bit was great. Normally happy to get one or two answers in an episode but I had a run of about 12 questions about things I know about including the video game bit.

My girlfriend looked at me like I was possessed when I shouted out Miyamoto for who created Mario and Zelda.


Ah, it was fantastic. If you’ve a spare 20 mins or so you could watch the vid I posted. A bit like Turnabout but less word-based and for kids / teachers.

Created by the great Clive Doig.

Anyone ever watch “Top Class” on CBBC? It’s University Challenge for kids, but the best part is when the teachers come on and get tested on popular kid culture. Just like UC, the posh kids from the South East of England nearly always win.


Solid top 3. Excellent work.


Yeah re: University Challenge I read an interview with that Rosie McKeown who pretty much single-handedly won it for whichever Oxbridge college it was last year… she was saying she’d been a fan of the show since she was a child and had actively spent her teens acquiring knowledge so she could get on the show. Bit of a superfan perhaps but she was fucking brilliant. Imagine there are many more who do the same.

University Challenge’s question base seems broad enough to me. And the earlier objection with the long-windedness of certain questions misses the point I think because it’s challenging your ability to retain information. A useful skill and contestants often fuck up on it (giving, say, a country when a capital city was asked for etc.)

One thing I’ve noticed that doesn’t happen as much any more - it always seemed to be the case that an American student would be on there in the earlier rounds and would panickedly buzz in with their first answer as, for instance, “What is Edgar Allan Poe” as if they were on Jeopardy. Was always very sweet, haven’t seen it happen for a while.


@Petagno ';s post in another thread has just reminded me of the 80s show Busman’s Holliday

each week a team of say Postmen would compete against a team of Accountants for the chance to go on a group holiday that would involve visiting other Accountants in Yugoslavia or something

Was pretty bad


I remember watching this as a child, maybe 10 or so, and finding it enjoyable even though there would appear to be little appeal in there for kids. Simpler times/fewer alternatives maybe…


I started watching the one I posted above and it;s kind of charming TBH

I found it v boring as a kid though