Worst reason you've dumped someone

thought pakora was too spicy

Facts about fish

Shit pokemon cards
Last week, it was

part of me loves that girl

But if they’d have been foils you’d have been alright with it?

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After two months he said I probably knew everything about him. I probably did as well.

Nice guy, so so dull

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she ate her peas one at a time


Might still be kicking about OkC if you’re lucky.

Thought you were posting in the other thread for a second :sweat_smile:

didn’t you try to introduce some fish puns?

Wasn’t sure at that point if she was being koi.

Shame it wasn’t fish puns, she’d have loved this place

you weren’t sole mates :cry:

Probably for the best. I’m a bit of an Aholehole*

*credit to Wikipedia’s list of common fish names


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Because I am a feeble person incapable of being in a relationship (never actually dumped anyone but did resist the advances of the person I had pined over for a decade)

Fancied her brother