Worst reformations


With everyone deciding the new At The Drive In is shit what are the worst reformatiobs? I loathe to say Refused because their gigs were good so Im gonna say Black Flag turned out to be utterly embarrassing


Which black flag tho


The one with the guy in sparkly trousers who sacked their singer on stage for Mike V


Pumpkins or the 21st century doors


Pumpkins have done some alright stuff tho


I’m semi-glad the replacements never made any stuff this time around, God knows what it would have been like






I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I think the Pumpkins reformation has been a good thing. It just hasn’t been what most people wanted or expected, which was capturing either the sound or that intangible magic of 1991-2000. And I don’t think Billy set out to do either of those things.

My biggest criticism of the reformation is the lack of focus on the lyrics, which was especially evident on Monuments. He’s so much better than that. And I can certainly understand why people have issues with his new vocal style and the production style. But I maintain that if you remove the reference points of the prior work and adjust to the previously mentioned things, Zeitgeist (especially the version with Zeitgeist the song) and Oceania are both really good with some great peaks. And some of the unreleased stuff has been fantastic as well.

I’ve always thought “Glissandra” off of Oceania should get more positive attention.


his new voice is really strange, it is probably objectively better, he seems to hit notes better, but it sounds so forced, miss his old voice


Call the band billy corgans combine harvester or something, it was not the pumpkins.


I mean tbf the pumpkins was always more the billy corgan show than a band.


i liked the bit in Kim Gordon’s book where she mentioned how nobody ever liked Billy Corgan cos he was such a crybaby


Really hope we don’t have to add LCD to this list.


Billy Corbyn and the Corganistas


When the spice girls came back and had to cancel their world tour half way through because they all fell out again


I am not so certain about that, chamberlin obviously deserves some credit, and Iha, Corgan seems to go back and forth on it a lot, sometimes making out he was a just there to make up the numbers and didn’t contribute anything, but sometimes he said he was integral to the sound they created (and that Corgan only did the studio work because he could get parts down in less takes), not sure which is true, but there definitely seems to be a dimension lost in post Iha pumpkins, and from listening to his solo pumpkins tracks they definitely have that softer side of the pumpkins to them


Libertines - ultimate downer of both falling out of love with them and also them becoming objectively shitter and totally uninspired. Can’t really tell where one aspect begins and the other ends. Only listened to the singles off their third album but they were so so bad


5ive…when there was four of them.