Worst smell you’ve encountered recently

Had left a Huel shaker for a few days without washing it. Did it last night. Fucking hell.



15yo spaniel. Lovely, happy old boy but, fuck me, he smells bad


Similar to this, left the remains of a flat white in a keep cup in my office drawer over Christmas the other year


We had asparagus last night.

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Great smell, love it!

Emptying an overfull food waste bag that was leaking everywhere. Dry heaved twice.


Had a blocked toilet over the weekend which has been a bastard to sort. Turns out it was all backed up the pipes outside due to some shit plumbing a few years back. The blockage was removed yesterday and the backed up waste released. A fair bit of it over the plumber. Bad smells all round.

Cat food in the food waste bin. Usually fine but it was left in the sun over the weekend. Awful

Cycling to my mates in Flixton at the weekend meant being downwind of the sewerage works :face_vomiting:

Don’t know how people cope living next to it.

Also, its the season for flowering currants and I cant stand that smell.

We have some trees in the streets outside our flat that are in blossom at the moment. For about two weeks a year they smell like rotting fish that has been fried. Previously we lived near some trees that dropped nuts/seed pods that smelt like rancid milk.


I’m in Urmston so on a particularly hot day, if the wind’s in the wrong direction, we get that smell too. They put big lids on the sewage silos recently so it’s been a bit better but yeah, if you’re over in that direction it’s still pretty bad. Conversely we sometimes get the smell from the Kelloggs factory wafting over and everything smells of Honey Nut Loops which is nice.


Shoreham Power Station. I don’t know how or why but I cycled past it the other day and it smelt just vile. Possibly the worst smell I’ve ever encountered. Nearly came off my bike.



Love scraping the dead skin sludge off with my fingernails.

Probably a durien

There’s a stretch of really nice houses on Davyhulme Road where the stench is so strong. Always wonder if they only arrange house viewings when the wind is blowing it in the opposite direction.

Yeah, when we were looking around here we kept seeing houses that were a lot cheaper up that way, fortunately we had a friend who already lived there to explain why. There’s some absolutely gorgeous houses around there but I couldn’t imagine living in them with that smell.

This is where I live!

Yeah hums recently.

Do you get used to it?

Everytime I cycle down there I just love it (the houses, not the smell)

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We just about get the tail of it here if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. Always amazes me that people live in the Peel Green side of Eccles (near the AJ Bell) because it stinks constantly round there. I guess you must get more house for your money…