Worst smell you’ve encountered recently

Explosive cat diarrhoea

They’re lovely little kitties, but christ they smell bad sometimes

Explosive cat diarrhoea
Lovely little kitties
Old Blue Last £5 NUS £3

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was drinking in victoria park the other day and there was a corner that people were using as a toilet. reminded me of reading festival '99.

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Not recent - but when you go in the fruit bat room at the zoo

They are stinky little bastards and they like it hot and steamy with a load of past it’s best fruit about

Nothing against them though

[Not recent]
Never smelled anything like the smell of the toilets at school when there was some sort of plumbing issue one time. Wasn’t just your standard sewage smell, it was like sewage that had been fermenting for a hundred years before being unleashed on the world. One of those where the smell was so bad that you were actually scared incase you accidentally breathed your nose slightly walking past, as it was enough to make you vomit on the spot.
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Bought some dried pheasant strips from the doggy deli and they’re absolutely stinking the kitchen out.

He won’t be having them again.

when gf’s stepdad lost the circulation in his toes to the extent that they needed to be amputated, but he was bedridden for a couple of weeks beforehand and HOLY SHIT the smell of rotten human flesh is not one you easily forget

is right, it’s horrifying

Putrescine - Wikipedia Cadaverine - Wikipedia
just looking it up, those names :grimacing:

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Never buy the euphemistically title bulls pizzle, they smell exactly like dried cow dicks which is what they are

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both of those things apparently also contribute to the smells of piss, cum and BV, none of which smell as bad as death but they do give you an idea of the kind of sickly sweet yet foul ballpark

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Maybe this was a dead body in the drains or something

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Could have been dead rat, that’s often a thing

Sure its not what I mentioned upthread…flowering currant? So pretty but so gross a smell.

I can smell them even when not in flower but took me years to identify exactly which bush it came from, now it’s in bloom its easy to identify as the culprit

Is that the one with the weird furry leaves? Spring is funny like this because there’s loads of stuff that smells amazing, but also loads of flowers that just reek and are horrible.

Also, on plant smells, this is really specific but it’s been bugging me for years - I went to Austin in Texas for SXSW a couple of times back in the day, and there was an incredible heavy floral smell that was all over the place while I was there both times (not skunk before any wags get in) which I’ve never been able to identify. Does anyone know what it might be?

Basically, what does Texas smell of

Its usually a shrub or hedge or a bush, different types of plants so that’s why I reckon something died in there, havent seen that flower before, will look out for it!

Lived near some rapeseed crops for a while. That was foul, made the air feel oily and heavy as well as smelling awful.

Daffodils smell like wee I reckon

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Daffodils are surprisingly poisonous

Dead rodent somewhere round the stairwell at work. Took a few days to find the offending corpse as the stench got worse and worse

Was out walking the other day and just about got the faintest whiff of sewage from somewhere - so faint in fact that it was almost pleasant, as it was easily manageable but enough to evoke a sudden fleeting memory of the Glasto long drops. Bizarre that the distantly recalled smell of communal poo should trigger in me an almost nostalgic response, yet here we are.

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